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  2. Bottom line is, the Tigers botched on Nick. They quite possibly botched on drafting him, and they definitely botched on developing him. But the news ain't all bad: at least he has enough money to live on for the rest of his life. That's something, right?
  3. Baseball Reference has Nick at 5 WAR, but OK: let's say 8. That's in his first, what, six seasons, roughly? That puts Nick on the level of Ben Revere, Cesar Hernandez, Alcides Escobar ... and Jordy Mercer. This is a guy to build your future on? Or a guy a contending team is going to pay for with legitimate prospects? Because those are the questions at hand regarding Nick.
  4. I can't disagree with you more vehemently.
  5. If Chadd had only said Castellanos would be a better version of Eric Munson I would feel better about our drafting process.
  6. Having lived through Greisinger, Anderson, Baugh and Sleeth, who were all first round no-brainers that blew up, I tend to be in the paranoid camp re: Mize and Perez.
  7. I’m not even sure what we are arguing about right now, but I will say with confidence that I feel strongly one way or the other.
  8. yes, but he was a supplemental because of his salary demands. He was projected much higher. I still think Nick was a good draft pick and did provide some value. I also don't think he's as bad as he's been this year--baseball is a mental sport and I think the uncertainty might be impacting his performance. I do hope he can go on a Justin Upton-esque hot streak to help our fortunes, as well as his own. but, in summation, there is zero chance the Tigers offer him the QO.
  9. Nick delivered far more value than should have been expected for where he was picked and paid in bonus. And, remember, I hate Nick. Nick being drafted and receiving bonus he was paid isn't the problem. It is all the guys they missed on.
  10. A supplemental round pick reaching the majors and producing 8+ WAR is an objectively good pick.
  11. yup - anyone can lose enough to get better. The trick is to do what StL does.
  12. Doesn't count silly, those weren't white male people. They are the only ones who can truly suffer.
  13. You're right. It's merely one of the hills in the range.
  14. Well they're both white and have 'Mexican-ish" sounding names... what else do you need to be a comp? David Chadd has been living off Dustin Pedrioia for 15 years or whatever.
  15. yeah, I am still concerned. Anything that happens to a pitcher's throwing shoulder is a concern.
  16. yeah that''s pretty bad, but it gets worse. It's not only about projecting players more accurately, it's of course also about development and intelligent management of resources. The Tigers had two young hitters in their org a few years ago that were generating a good deal of buzz, Castellanos, and Garcia. But the end of this season are odds are high the the net outcome for the team will be zero. Neither will have contributed to a winning team, neither will have brought back anything in trade. (Garcia yielded Iglesias but then Iglesias walked so the net is still 0). How long ago did Micro tell us that Nick was a player without a position - but they continued to overvalue him and now will get nothing when they could have had something. You should know your down resources better than anyone else. When you don't you will constantly be on the losing end of total system talent appreciation.
  17. lol we also way overpaid on slot lol
  18. And Reyes and DeLaCruz on the horizon. Get more of these guys.
  19. lol, and you could cherry pick comments like that regarding failed draft picks from every scout and GM in MLB.
  20. Put it this way: instead of you being the Tigers, you're a contending team. Will you trade from the top of your farm system because you think Nick Castellanos will help you win enough extra games to help take you deep into October, or even into October at all? If so, which organization are you?
  21. Ranked as the #2 PF in America.... The top power forwards in college basketball for 2019-20
  22. Probably broken down veteran. Why not? At 27, it's a little optimistic to believe Nick is a key part of the future, anyway. Castellanos has hit before, but scuffling along here in his presumed prime, he's not now. And he didn't his first three seasons. So, at best, the jury is still out on whether he is a very good major league hitter.
  23. The draft pick issue was a huge factor, obviously. Still, if they had made more realistic demands at the outset, I think there's. a good chance that both of them would have been signed in the offseason. And Kimbrel made out very well. Two point six years at 16 million per for a one-inning pitcher, even a great one, and especially one who is still danm good but past his peak, is a huge overpay in my opinion. The tremendous importance that was once attributed to closers was a mass delusion, and most teams have come to their senses on that score. The importance of the bullpen overall has increased as the ratio between starters' and relievers' innings pitched has changed, but even so, no one-inning-or-less pitcher really has a very big impact on a team's record.
  24. Or pick 'em. By way of reminder, David Chadd, the author of those quotes, is still Vice President, Assistant General Manager with the club, with primary responsibility for scouting amateur hitters for the draft.
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