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  2. Trump can out stupid Biden any day of the week. I don't even care about Biden, but it's silly to talk about gaffes when your boy says multiple stupid things every day.
  3. The Bots are working hard to crush the Romney comment
  4. Harrison and Greiner found their home run strokes tonight, so I am now hugely optimistic about the Tigers' prospects for the rest of the season.
  5. https://www.tsn.ca/holland-helps-detroit-get-its-legend-back-1.1293298 Article says Holland has already turned down Edmonton, wow, lol. Who says Holland isn't smart?!
  6. No, he goes around mocking people from India. Look, there's an incredible trove of stupid Joe. But I'd rather save all that for later. It feels too soon...
  7. Spare me the Romney photos where he's trying to become SecState. We know Putin veto'd it.
  8. That gives him something in common with your boy. The difference Biden doesn't go around mocking POWs. But really, I don't care one way or the other about Biden. I won't be voting for him in the primary.
  9. Watching the news that isn't Fox or OANN or RT would be wise for the GOP because they would learn that Congress is brewing up toward impeachment and there is NOTHING that the GOP can do about it because Trump lost them the Congress in 2018.
  10. The Mud Hens scored 7 runs in an inning tonight. The Tigers have scored 7 runs (or more) in a game twice this season in 19 games.
  11. You know who never wore army boots?
  12. Nope, it'll be Petry again over the weekend. Apparently Dirks is pretty busy with a bunch of young kids at home at the moment...
  13. This is one of the few videos I could find where Biden wasn't smelling someone's hair.
  14. Dare I say that Andy Dirks has the growth mindset that this kind of team needs in a broadcast booth.
  15. Numb skull? Get it? Brain fart, cold air? Ok, I’ll stop now.
  16. Candelario with a brain fart. maybe he is cold too.
  17. Mothers everywhere must be proud that you have mastered the 'your mother wears army boots' routine.
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