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  2. I’m sure most players would rather play for a winning team.
  3. Lindor won’t be blocking anyone Cleveland prospects in a few years.
  4. He’s being pitched to like his Brandon Inge.
  5. Rogers has a .900 OPS and 23HRs the past calendar year. That's pretty impressive for a guy who's known for his defense.
  6. Cameron homers and is making some incremental progress in AAA. Rogers homers again and Candelario is making better contact....guessing he's back up in a few weeks.
  7. The sad thing is, the organization is probably losing less money now than it was back when the stadium was drawing 2.5+ million fans per year.
  8. Thank God this administration is incompetent and lazy. Think of the damage they would do if they knew what they were doing.
  9. Was nice to see Lugo with a nice AB to draw a walk, though he was called out on strikes for it.
  11. This game is the perfect epitome of a, who gives a **** game!!!
  12. For the love of God please someone simply lose this game, OK?
  13. They absolutely should not be able to track us. That should be criminal.
  14. This is being done because Michigan/Nebraska had the insanely long game this morning/afternoon.
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  16. GAME 49 Walks - 1,109 (T77) - Passed <Ron Santo> at 1,108. Adjusted Batting Runs - 647 (19) - Passed <Dan Brouthers> at 644 (again). Adjusted batting Wins - 61.7 (22) - Passed <Cap Anson> at 61.4 (again).
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  18. I applaud the effort. But it's a little ironic you have to join a list to not be tracked. How about you can't be tracked by default and join the list if you want to opt in? Momentum grows to create 'Do Not Track' registry
  19. Two ball dominant guards in the same backcourt sounds like a bad idea. Not to mention how bad the defense would be. Plus, I'm not exactly sure how good of a teammate Kyrie is. Not sure I would want him around my team.
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