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  2. Should pick this dude up for our SF spot.
  3. Sounds like the perfect club to package Greene and Castellanos. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/06/rays-trade-rumors-relievers-bullpen-right-handed-bat.html
  4. https://www.mlb.com/tigers/news/matthew-boyd-strikes-out-11-in-loss
  5. My wife and I will be attending this game. Hopefully, they have plenty of beer. I will need several to get through the this debacle.
  6. Yeah I know it’s a day game but it’s like the Twilight Zone episode where it’s dark right over a few blocks of a city because people there are...bad. Like the deep South. Like the Berlin Wall. Like Comerica Park. And speaking of bad, I didn’t listen to either the radio or the TV broadcast that closely to confirm this but I doubt if they ever commemorated the Stonehenge Riots last night. There’s probably going to be some cosmic payback for that. We’re Druids, we’re here, get over it.
  7. Ariel Jurado vs Spencer Turnbull Here's hoping Jacob Robson can start another hitting streak
  8. Rangers vs Tigers  Game 76 26-49 Remember him? Mike Ivie YearsK with Detroit: 1982-83 Tigers highlights: A .720 OPS You may remember him from: San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, pick one of the 1970 draft Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  9. Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

  10. Can anyone explain the point of Bill de Blasio in this thing? I thought he was awful
  11. somewhat...see note above. Warren was a full tenured professor before she went to politics.
  12. I do think that she's somewhat professorial, but I didn't feel she lacked charisma at all based on tonight. She had quite a bit emotion and did more than some other folks did in trying to connect with voters.
  13. I can't get myself to start following him again. It just feels too dirty.
  14. Obama did teach law for quite a stretch, but he was was already a political activist in Chicago before he even went to Law School. Wiki describes him as having been a 'Lecturer" at UC. At UM and I think most other AAU schools, the term "Lecturer" is applied to non-tenure track instructors - These are people who are 'Professors' to their students by virtue of their Degree and teaching role, but are not members of the Professoriat of the institution. . Other than Wilson I don't know that we have had a serious academic as Prez since 1900. Just my personal observations but I would say ~50 yrs ago when I was being taught public school history, the treatment of Wilson was pretty positive - for instance the mess with the League of Nations was described as a noble failure on his part. Today the opinion seems to be that he was rigid, feckless, his wife was actually president for a chunk of his 2nd term, and he was a scurrilous racist to boot.. Well the last is a lot more than opinion.
  15. She kinda disappeared at the end, but I found her a lot more impressive than I expected to. Admittedly I haven't seen much of her on the stump, but some of the perceptions that she's been tagged with don't appear to be fair.
  16. Daz over 300 in his last 10, Reyes still raking, Rogers starting to pick it up (260 in his last 10). I want these three to force their way to Det by the ASB.
  17. In the event she ever starts writing for an outlet that is good enough to not hire her, she can get that designation.
  18. My kingdom for a professor president.
  19. Yeah, once he lost out on the beat job to hackosky, he mellowed a bit and just started writing good stuff. Tony Paul might be the best sportswriter we have in this terrible sports town.
  20. Warren will do well technically in all debates. She is smart and prepared. Her problem is lack of charisma. She sounds like a professor.
  21. Dan was really on his horse about the ball for the short time I was able to listen this evening. Claims that the % of fly balls across the league is basically constant over the last 15yrs - i.e - all the launch angle talk is nice but hitters are not actually doing anything different, it's the HR/FB ratio that is up, - the ball is just going further. Unfortunately the Tigers do not have hitters able to take advantage.
  22. I think Warren did the best overall tonight, if a little too quiet in the second hour. I thought Julian Castro impressed as well, which I didn't expect.
  23. I get it. I hear you. We can probably agree that in its most simplistic form, it’s actually the powerful versus the non-powerful.
  24. No wonder you don't care about Russian interference.
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