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  2. They might take one later in the draft. I think it would be a player like Tyree Jackson from Buffalo; he's got some real talent, but would take a while. Also, I'm hearing the Lions will probably go LB if they stay at 8.
  3. Hornby's original book is still well worth a read. It really doesn't matter if you don't like Arsenal or even soccer - it's not really about soccer as such. Culturally it's actually a really important book as well in lots of ways.
  4. This is my first time watching Holzhauer on Jeopardy. The guy is a monster. He opens the game and just goes across the board picking all the $1000 questions. Then goes to the $800 questions. He was ahead by $7200 by the first commercial.
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  6. Clippers should just demand game 6 is played at Oracle.
  7. The ultimatum has been delivered. It’s nice that the Martians are on our side but taking all our women seems like a rather extreme solution. Instead of terrorizing our team into scoring more runs, why don’t they just terrorize the Red Sox into folding as they’ve done all year. It must be some kind of tough love thing. The Martians are sort of the Russians of the solar system.
  8. It's hard to not get excited about this current group. Right up there with the Verlander, Zumaya, Granderson era.
  9. Why do I have to be the one to point out that the video is stretched, exaggerating the "run". Would still be a very good changeup, though.
  10. Undoubtedly sustained during his run with the Bulls.
  11. If there are any doubts which team sport has the best playoffs, nobody has watched the NHL playoffs this season Round 1 - ALL FOUR DIVISION CHAMPS GO DOWN , ALL FOUR WILD CARDS ADVANCE. Maybe you understand the "just get in" mentality a little more now, but man oh man has this been a thrill so far and I don't even have a team I root for.
  12. Would be a big get imo. He was (is?) the GM of CSKA Moscow. Especially with the chance Podkolzin falls in the draft......
  13. Poor DC has just about lost the ability to complete a sentence. Sic Transit Gloria
  14. 5 teams in the 2nd round with fewer than 100 points. Can't imagine that has happened before in the shootout era.
  15. Carolina Hurricanes, bunch of jerks. Don Cherry, February 16, at 4:25 mark. 3 days later...
  16. Who would have predicted this at the beginning of the season? Or the beginning of last week for that matter: Eastern Conference Semis Carolina vs. NYI Columbus vs Boston Western Conference Semis Dallas vs. St Louis Colorado vs San Jose Boston and San Jose, sure. St. Louis and Columbus, OK. But Carolina, NYI (prior to the season), Dallas and Colorado?? Complete longshots.
  17. Caps are one of the older teams in the NHL and they looked it in the OT.
  18. Mr. Game 7 strikes again! Deflected, but it was Williams' shot.
  19. and the Caps never even get setup on the PP. Used the same entry attempt about 4 times and the Cane's covered the dump every time.
  20. The defending Cup champs, at home, were outshot 11-4 in the first OT. Not sure how that happens. But no goals. And now Washington has a PP early in 2nd OT after the Canes flipped the puck over the glass.
  21. I figured that by about the 10 minute mark Carolina would be out of gas and the Caps would tally the winner. The momentum shifted some in the last 3rd of the period but Carolina still looking a lot faster than the Caps. Ovechkin almost took off old friend Mrazek's head to win it.
  22. It reminds me of Bobo The Elephant
  23. GAME 23 Runs Created - 1,815 (37) - Passed <Dave Winfield> at 1,813.
  24. Jordan Zimmermann vs Rick Porcello Well that 8th inning sucked
  25. Tigers at Red Sox Game 24 12-11 Remember him? Johnny Paredes Years with Detroit: 1990-91 Tigers highlights: Had seven hits You may remember him from: Montreal Expos, Yakult Swallows Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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