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  2. GAME 50 Games Played - 2,314 (110) - Passed B.J. Surhoff at 2,313. WAR Position Players - 69.8 (69) - Passed Carlos Beltran at 69.6 and <Ed Delahanty> at 69.7.
  3. Line has moved a lot. GSW is now the dog at +1.
  4. Just saw this article. I am assuming this is the gentleman that called Casey Mize’s games at Auburn. Tragic. Auburn radio announcer, wife die after car crash ReutersMay 26, 2019, 11:10 AM EDT Auburn radio announcer Rod Bramblett and his wife, Paula, died from injuries sustained in a car crash Saturday night near the campus. The Lee County Coroner's Office confirmed Sunday morning that Rod Bramblett died from a severe closed head injury at Birmingham's UAB Hospital, where he had been airlifted. Paula Bramblett, who was 53, died of internal injuries at the East Alabama Medical Center. Rod Bramblett, who was 52, had been the announcer for the Auburn baseball team since 1993 and for the football and basketball teams since 2003.
  5. Well, that makes a little more sense explained that way.
  6. Eventually Putin will get a list of Judges and prosecutors for Trump trending.
  7. Saw that. I think that was from a fantasy writer who doesn't write good. I believe he meant Mize in the bigs this year would be like Grienke this year. But, others questioned that tweet (thinking he meant Greinke and his career are the comp and that's a bad thing) and he had to get all defensive.
  8. JoCoby has had a couple of good weeks. ~850 OPS in his last 15 games. He's had hot streaks before however so we'll see how much of this is a better approach and how much is just stochastic noise.
  9. If Mize doesn't post a sub 1 ERA and .5 WHIP in the majors, he's a bust
  10. Probably a little bit of both. And to be clear, I can live with the call. It was bad, but meh. Its the screaming at Jones as he walks away not saying a word that is like OK Jerry Meals thinks people are there for him.
  11. I was thinking of some sort of unseen system where trackman calls the balls and strikes but relays it to the ump first and he has a buzzer to change it if he wants, but umpires that change more than X percent of calls are in danger of reprimand. It might keep some of the human element that people want in there, but it would make umps really think about their interpretation of the rules. There are plenty of guys in the minors who are better at this stuff than these tenured guys.
  12. so are there just a lot of bad new umps or do they just make a point scheduling the bad umps to work non-contending teams?
  13. I was almost excited for a second there, but it's the wrong Austin Adams of course...
  14. meanwhile Skubal hammered for Lakeland - 8 hits and 4 runs in 2.2IP. Something wrong with a world in whicj players with great names like Skubal and Funkhouser are not automatics to make the show.
  15. Gibson mentioned earlier in the broadcast that Meals has a wide outside corner, so I guess I’m not too surprised at that call. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t that far off of the plate, and he was calling it during the game. The game was lost, there’s no changing the call. But Gardenhire should have stuck up for his player and held up Meals getting to the airport by giving Meals holy **** for yapping at Jones like that.
  16. That bites! Edit: Wanted to mention that these tiles just lifted off. The contractor said that they weren't asbestos, but the mastic remaining on the slab might be. So the solution is going to be to put a leveling product over the mastic to seal it. We will be having vinyl installed in that area so it would need to be leveled anyway. It just changes the product they use a bit and doesn't make it more expensive. So fortunately no scraping.
  17. Not only a bad call the ump giving it Jones as he walked away is about as unprofessional as you can get. No chance he gets fined or reprimanded though.
  18. Good lord. That pitch wasn’t even close. Bring on the automated umps.
  19. Ump tired of baseball today. Calls Jones out on ball 4. Tigers lose 4-3.
  20. depends on what is there and how it was put down and mostly how many man-hours you are willing to pay for the floor to be lower, You can also risk damage to wiring or suspended ceilings under the room or the difficulty actually getting it all out all the way to the wall is some of the 1st layer goes under some walls plus the general increase in safety risk working on open joists. In one house I took up a 3/4 particle board sub floor in a LR/DR area that had been carpeted by the builder to put in a full 3/4" oak floor and have it meet the tile in the adjoining rooms. Below that was 1/2 plywood that I did have to make some repairs to. I wanted that there to make the right height but if I hadn't it would have really multiplied the job time.. As it was hundreds nails and screws had to come out, with many sheared and broken creating more work. Floor had originally been nailed and then they had apparently re-screwed it to stop creaks when it was recarpeted at some point. If they had glued down the upper floor it I'd probably still be there working on it!. I would not have wanted to play someone for the time it took. If I had contracted the job it would have been a different solution - laminate plank or something. When we re-did the kitchen in this house the original plan was to tear down to joists but after much discussion with the contractor we again did something less (took off 3 of 5 existing layers and used a thinner cement board since there was lot of existing strength) so the ceramic tile there ended up only about 1/8" higher than the old floor was. That just didn't justify the cost it would have added. Every house old house is going have a different history - tough to generalize I suppose.
  21. "Zack Greinke ceiling." What a burden that would be.
  22. If you type in Mize's name in twitter's search bar there are quite a few classic posts. One guy is saying that he's a number 3 at best and Tigers fans shouldn't expect him to post a sub 1 ERA and sub .55 WHIP in the majors like he is doing in the minors.
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