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  2. he only had 5 XBH in 100 PA at Conn - 295 average but only 386 slugging. I did think they would keep him there until he hit a few more balls harder.
  3. Gun Safety group Everytown USA has an interactive website showcasing the links between the NRA, Russia, and the Drumpf Campaign . . . LINK
  4. Kershaw is the best pitcher of the post-Clemens-and-Pedro era. At his peak, Pedro was the best pitcher I've ever seen, and Clemens, factoring in both his quality and the size of his career, is a legitimate contender for the title of Greatest Pitcher Ever. But Kershaw is no slouch. In fact, he has the highest career ERA+ ever for a starting pitcher (and the second-highest period, after Mariano Rivera). He took over those spots from Pedro, and there is a fair chance that he'll fall behind Pedro if he pitches quite a bit longer, but at the moment Kershaw has a five-point lead (159 to 154). Also, although Kershaw's stats have benefited significantly from having Dodger Stadium as his home park, he has been danm good on the road, too. His Home and Away Opponents' slash lines: Home: .201 / .254 / .305 / .558 Away: .217 / .271 / .327 / .598. I'd hate to have to live on the difference.
  5. He's from the Northeast and didn't play long seasons against top competition.
  6. Some interesting stuff here: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/four-interesting-findings-from-the-recent-flurry-of-2020-polls/
  7. Jake Rogers has struck out 29 times in 60 at-bats. Same contact issues that all our other prospects have.
  8. Another criterion that could be considered is the number of Top 50 seasons the pitcher had for the Tigers. Of the best 50 (actually 53, because of ties) seasons in history, by bWAR, Justin has five of them, Newhouser four, and Bridges two. So Justin wins on that count. Other notables with two apiece: Lolich; Scherzer; McLain; Dizzy Trout; Bunning; Newsom; Lary; Ed Killian. Oh, and Hall of Famer Jack Morris, Winningest Pitcher of the 1980s™? One. And his was ranked in a tie for 36th best with other one-timers like Vic Sorrell and Herman Pillette.
  9. He's thick and will likely have trouble avoiding getting fat and slow- at least according to one poster here a number of years ago.
  10. I still need to see two or three more seasons out of Trout for me to be convinced he is all that.
  11. Technically correct, but if waiving the 10-year requirement to allow entry into the Hall because his career was cut short for any god-forbid reason were a consideration for just one player, it would be for Mike Trout.
  12. Not only that, but you are just focused on the pitcher when you go into the batter's box. Yeah, I can believe some guys give away AB or may not want to face a given pitcher, but by and large I think most enjoy hitting.
  13. That's the new market inefficiency to exploit.
  14. Yup. I'll never buy into the players or coaches actively tanking. It ain't in their interest.
  15. Does anyone really think Harold Castro has a serious chance at playing much outfield in the future? I mean, he's essentially a warm body filling a hole right now. 26th man is probably his future calling card. Victor Reyes, on the other hand, presents a bit of a challenge for Christin Stewart. At least as a defensive replacement and as a platoon partner against left handed pitching.
  16. David Koch, Billionaire Who Fueled Right-Wing Movement, Dies at 79
  17. Hits? We don't need no stinking hits. For the second day in a row, a Major League team won a game while getting just two hits. The Tigers, of course, did it against Verlander on Wednesday, and yesterday the Cubs beat the Giants 1-0 and got just two knocks in the process.
  18. This makes sense. Nearly all of these kids are playing for their careers, so every at bat and every inning counts. They don't have the luxury of jaking it just because the team is bad or the game is lost. They need to build a resume.
  19. If Victor Reyes and Harold Castro are seriously the minimum points of comparison here, that doesn't say much for Christin Stewart's potential as a difference-maker.
  20. Keshaw is a fabulous pitcher, just don't base too much of the comparison on ERA. Dodger stadium is very consistently an ERA friendly park. (Note that the other pitcher with crazy ERA also pitched there -Koufax). Kershaw's career home/away ERA split is 2.1/2.76. If you look at component ERA for instance, JVs is as good or better than Kershaw's comparing a good year for each of them - for instance Kershaw's 2017 (2.27) vs Verlander's 2018 (2.16)
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  22. I think your rant is unwarranted. I believe that all those pitchers listed are or will be Hall of Famers. Kershaw has the least amount of innings and therefore I believe he will need a few more years to solidify it. I don't think it's a slam dunk if he were to retire today.
  23. No, he would not. For one thing, he is not yet eligible for the Hall of Fame.
  24. RE: Conservative Commentators and hot takes. Joe Walsh is really getting out in front of his skis.
  25. Hewitt is one sardine in an ocean of conservative commentators. They all need various hot takes from time to time to stand out. Oh, and if that author thinks having an anti-Trump Latino moderate the Dem debate, I wonder what he thinks about this previous event.
  26. That was ugly. He was trying to slobber all over Trump (for reasons unknown at that early date) and Trump was treating him like the priggish jackass he is.
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