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  2. Except Nick would take the offer, so we wouldn't get the pick.
  3. We already deserve it. He isn't doing anything he wasn't doing on the campaign trail.
  4. who knows?. As of today I'd project that Garcia is going have more value in the future. He plays a better OF and hits for more power. If I recall when they were both in Det the knock on Garcia was his lack of power but since that has now developed, I guess I'd tend to pick Avisail's as the more promising future from this date forward. OTOH, Nick's regression in plate discipline tends to make me think that last year may have been more the outlier than real trend for him. But these guys both also seem to have attitude issues - though quite different ones - which appear to be capable of derailing either of them. But the Tigers' problem here is that they both had more value in the past than the Tigers are ever going to realize from them.
  5. His supporters are the same people who go on and on about how millennials are weak and always make themselves the victims. He is the biggest victim you can find. Everything offends him, and he thinks he is the most special snowflake in the world.
  6. I'm curious, why do you think the Pelicans got hosed? They had their hands tied. His trade request was made very public and even worse for them, the teams he'd be willing to sign with was made public so the amount of teams willing to pay a kings ransom were very few. They tried for Tatum and the Celtics (smartly) didn't bite so this is the best they could have possibly done IMO.
  7. I still think this was the impetus for Cabby's downward health spiral.
  8. Nick has (had?) a hotter mom. Need an up to date picture.
  9. Garcia is better at bedding players’ wives.
  10. Was/is Garcia significantly better than Castellanos, if better at all? Either swap for Iglesias was a fair deal with modest return. Are you arguing they shouldn't have let Iglesias walk? Independent of that, it is hard to trade a player when there isn't a market for the player.
  11. no - I'm just trying to put my ducks in a straighter row.
  12. I agree with this. Are we somehow in dispute?
  13. My point is more about resource management. Regardless of how we got either of them, on the date when we traded Garcia for Iglesias the word was the Sox would have taken either but we valued Nick higher. So at that point those players were both objectively worth a value we can call one "Iggy" on the open market. Once Nick walks to complete the ledger we will have a zero where we should have 5-6 WAR of roster value. Whether it's because you don't evaluate your talent correctly, don't develop it to its best potential, fail to trade it for what it's worth, or destroy a players market value mishandling him, if you consistently lose or destroy roster value you are going to have a bad team, and the Tiger have just been too good at it.
  14. Working through some computer configuration issues at work and I’m on a blank slate machine. All the ads I see on this page (not logged in) are for some site called “Conservative Buzz” which are pushing jive *** narratives about persecution of Trump by Mueller. Adblock is so nice
  15. Regarding botching the Nick pick, whom should they have drafted with that pick? I haven't looked, so maybe they did. My guess is there are only a few guys drafted after him that had a significantly better career.
  16. And their brief period of success was kind of fluky. It was heavily dependent on a historic bullpen. And now they are tanking again.
  17. Since when is the standard for a supplemental pick that the player be a guy you build your future on? If that is what should be expected, by all means, give the man a QO. That supplemental pick will be transformational.
  18. Nearly every championship team since 1900-2019? So that was the Yankees' secret?
  19. No to all those questions. Still a successful comp round pick though.
  20. Bottom line is, the Tigers botched on Nick. They quite possibly botched on drafting him, and they definitely botched on developing him. But the news ain't all bad: at least he has enough money to live on for the rest of his life. That's something, right?
  21. Baseball Reference has Nick at 5 WAR, but OK: let's say 8. That's in his first, what, six seasons, roughly? That puts Nick on the level of Ben Revere, Cesar Hernandez, Alcides Escobar ... and Jordy Mercer. This is a guy to build your future on? Or a guy a contending team is going to pay for with legitimate prospects? Because those are the questions at hand regarding Nick.
  22. I can't disagree with you more vehemently.
  23. If Chadd had only said Castellanos would be a better version of Eric Munson I would feel better about our drafting process.
  24. Having lived through Greisinger, Anderson, Baugh and Sleeth, who were all first round no-brainers that blew up, I tend to be in the paranoid camp re: Mize and Perez.
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