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  2. Austin Martin, SS(?)/3b/2b Avila and staff would soil themselves if they get a chance to draft a Vanderbilt player. FG: TLDR Vandy's leadoff hitter has an advanced approach, gap power, big production and hands for the infield. Full Report If anyone ascended toward the top of the draft class late during the 2019 spring, it was Martin, who was electric during the postseason. He already had two traits we think, together, make for a strong profile in that Martin plays a premium position (and is capable of playing several spots) and has a plus feel for the strike zone. He started hitting for power later in the season, something his selectivity gives him an excellent chance of doing in pro ball because he'll only swing at pitches he can drive. He doesn't have huge physical tools, but Martin had more walks that strikeouts as an SEC sophomore and is an opportunistic base stealer. Were he at a lesser school he might be flying under the radar. Offensively, he's a little ahead of Dansby Swanson, another former Commodore middle infielder who went #1 overall, at the same stage, but the athleticism/defense is a good bit behind.
  3. No ulterior motive here.
  4. Yeah - hard to imaging how ugly it could get without Norris, Turnbull or Boyd.
  5. I can be both appreciative and horrified of one being drunk at 10:05am on a Saturday.
  6. The September call ups might make the rotation look like Zimmermann, Boyd, and several 45 pitch openers.
  7. The coaching staff is intentionally giving him bad advice so that he doesn't perform well.
  8. It ain't B. These guys are playing for future contracts as well as to win. Why would Castellanos care about the Tiger draft prospects?
  9. Less conspiratorial theories: 1-Management is not concerned with how much they lose this year - the No.1 pick in the 2020 draft will be just fine with them 2-The players *are* terrible - only 4 of the 13 pitchers on the staff belong in the majors right now. A couple others may get there but are not yet 3-There at least 3 factors that are working against team cohesion: Both Cabrera and Castellanos are unhappy campers; too many of the rest of them know they are only place holders and are not good enough to be there if/when the team gets better - which makes team improvement a mixed blessing for them because it will put them back in the minors; there is no player based leadership in the clubhouse - there won't/can't be until the roster settles down around some better players who can establish some credibility in the clubhouse.
  10. I think E and F are both partially true. Many of the players are simply terrible and the clubhouse is...toxic is too strong probably so I'll go with ....not conducive to winning.
  11. Once Norris and Turnbull hit their inning limits, they will get replaced by Tyler Alexander and Matt Hall. Hard to see how the Tigers don't easily capture their 2nd title in the last 3 years.
  12. At least so far Avila hasn't been accused of fire saling players with remaining team control....i.e. Fulmer. Of course anything can happen.
  13. Took a flyer on this lot of Victor Reyes autograph cards for $13.50.
  14. Just quoting this so it survives a potential edit.
  15. What's also being missed is the president of the US openly attacking the mayor of the largest city in the US closest ally for no good reason.
  16. Fulmer can have his salary reduced to $2.24M in 2020 (20% maximum reduction). Unless they go full-McCann, they should pay that.
  17. HaHa. aside from the cultural issues, I would be curious if anyone has ever surveyed to see which genres are associated with having the narrowest musical tastes. I like a lot of things, but there are probably still as many forms I won't listen to as things I will.
  18. Conspiracy theories: A. The Tigers don't like Gardy, so they are intentionally losing so Gardy will get fired. B. Ilitch, Avila, and Gardy are telling these players to lose so they can secure another #1 overall pick. C. Avila really is not embracing advanced analytics like he says he is. D. Gardy is just this terrible of a manager and so are his coaches. E. These players really are giving 100% effort and are just this terrible. F. Miggy has tainted the clubhouse so much with his personal problems and it is causing the Tigers to not care about winning.
  19. We are now 6-32 since June winning only .158 of our games. We are also the worst team in baseball finally passing the Baltimore Orioles with the worst winning PCT. and RDIFF: .312 and -190 respectively. If we maintain the current “winning“ percentage we will bottom out at 40-122. Win one fewer game than that and we reach the 30s.
  20. Yeah - I would hope that by now they are using more fine grained measurements than IP.
  21. I have the rest of the Tigers Burger King set as well.
  22. Wow that's a great card! I've always wanted that card and Seaver's rookie
  23. on the defensive side also. Has to be the 1st guy we have played at 3rd whose fielding isn't below average since Inge.
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