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  2. He fits the mold of a light hitting middle INF
  3. I, for one, am ready for a Boyd-Greene-W.Castro for Royce Lewis trade...
  4. And a lineup of strikeouts to help with the breeze.
  5. That's a valid concern but everything about his game, and personality, screams star.
  6. Trying to buy tickets for an event and they have that setup where you pick your tickets. Trouble is there's 3 in the row and when I try to buy 2 it tells me I left a single seat available "Please adjust your selection" Yet right in the rows in front are single seats. Guess I'm not going. I have a thing where if a business makes it difficult for me to give them my money then I won't.
  7. At the same time, that means states like Texas are starting to turn bluer. States like Arizona, that has a growing Hispanic population, are in play now. Lets not forget Florida. I don't see Trump taking all three of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Democrats can replace one of those states with Arizona or two of the three with Texas or Florida. That isn't even considering states like North Carolina and Georgia that are getting younger and more diverse.
  8. KJ worries me. He runs too upright. I hope he stays healthy.
  9. Some interesting analysis https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/how-trump-could-lose-5-million-votes-still-win-2020-n1031601 Simply put... the demographic trends for democrats are not as rosy as we might think because their voters are moving predominantly to states like CA and TX where votes matter the least. That leaves states like MI, OH, and PA with aging demographics that favor Trump.
  10. In reality I don’t drink and shoot. That’s crazy unsafe.
  11. Honestly, I'm more optimistic than I was last offseason. We saw a lot of growth from the youngsters last season, Flowers is a legit 3 down impact DE, Snacks will be here for the full season and the offense looks more balanced than it did last season. As usual and is the case with most teams, the Lions will fall in that 6-10 through 10-6 cluster but I honestly feel they are closer to a 9-10 win team than a 6-7 win team. A lot will depend on Stafford adjusting to Bevell's system but I'm liking the way the team is shaping up.
  12. 2 weeks ago there was a 2 hour rain delay.... Might be more of the same tonight.
  13. No. Kerryon is going to be a star, without all the red flags. This guy is criminally underrated by the Lions fanbase, maybe because of past failures?
  14. I think his upside is better, but Jackson might be his likelihood.
  15. This is true. He was also being compared to Ernie Harwell which is a really tough act to follow.
  16. I pictured more urban. In my days in Detroit, when someone got disrespected, they would often come back in a black Chrysler 300 and spray up the disrespectful chap's crib.
  17. Yeah, the sedan gives away that I’m a sophisticated gentleman
  18. too bad everyone else is playing baseball...
  19. imagine how low his confidence will be when he goes to toledo and gets beaten around by triple a hitters?
  20. I have peeved this before I am sure, but I just heard another commercial for it while listening to one of the comedy stations on Sirius. This one especially peeved me because of the way the guy was laughing. The "I have not paid my taxes in 5 years and contacted 'x' company and man am I glad I did!" Insert douchy laugh...almost a giggle. I, literally, go off in the truck when I hear these. Congratulations for being a db and not paying your taxes for 5 years - enjoy your hand out....that ends up getting passed down to honest tax payers.
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