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  2. I wish the election was shorter and the term of office were shorter.
  3. She's seen pretty much for what she is. He's living echoed glory of what was a protest against the party in 2016 for coronation of Hillary the Enabler of Will the Popular but Impeached.
  4. I am at the point where I don't want to hear a candidate say a word during a campaign, because everything said during a campaign is in general total trash. When it comes to candidates for office, all I want is your bio, what you have done and worked for in the past, what you have opposed and worked against in the past, and what you have said in the past when when you were not running for office. Once someone declares I am not really interested in anything they have to say from that point until the election. It's garbage. Campaigns are pretty much the worst way to elect people.
  5. It sounds good. I think I will add it to the list.
  6. Please Lord, if you love the Tigers...gift them a couple dynamic position players in the draft.
  7. I thought Trump would be a difficult pill for a lot of people. Sanders had strong support in 2016 and I think would have gotten a larger turnout than Hillary. Sanders also pulled out Michigan in the primary by over performing in Macomb County and West Michigan. I think Sanders would have won against Trump. He was the outsider/change candidate who wasn't insane.
  8. Bernie would be a difficult pill for a lot of people. Tulsi Gabbard would be as well.
  9. No, hockey players are tough. They play as many games as they can and a lot of times with really painful injuries. Most basketball players nowadays are delicate flowers.
  10. The few times this year I have watched Miggy at bat .. seems he does not use his back leg to push off in order to generate power. He uses his upperbody ..mostly his arms. Moreover, he seems to have 'slow' bat speed that aims for the pitch instead of a powerful overswing. And, as he seems to have always had ..he still has an mixed approach to lifting/setting front leg when stepping into the pitch. Sometimes no step at all. But then again, ..hasn't Miggy almost always used his upper body more than his leg push while swinging?
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  12. HFRO in novel form is a much much more elaborate plot and the real hero in the story is more the US Navy's ability to pull off an incredibly complex piece of naval ballet - actually make that Naval Kabuki Theatre. In the book the appeal is in all the micro detail like how Ramius and the other officers built an elaborate ruse to persuade the enlisted crew there were radiation leaks and they had to get off the ship. Clancey loves to drill very deeply into the minutia of his subject - and since I'm interested in Naval technology I found it fun. I didn't enjoy a couple of his other books as much because I didn't really care about the subject he went into similar detail about - i.e. drugs/terrorism
  13. He wasn't a completely useless mutt. He helped acquire Gum Time.
  14. You know, I didn't think about it before, but they never mentioned the status of the squirrel.
  15. No mention of Bruce Brown's 2 second team votes?
  16. Hunt for Red October is in the top 10 movies all time for me...never read the book though so I cannot compare the 2. Not sure why I never read the book TBH. I am not sure if I have read any Tom Clancy.
  17. No need to get snarky. I was not trying to be snarky in my reply and no idea 'hot take' was offensive or something. Books get into mind sets and backgrounds that are not typically in the movie versions. There is more nuance in books. I have never heard of a movie that gets into more detail than the book. As of today I know someone who thinks there are some movies that are better than the books. I did not know anyone like that before which is why I said it was a 'hot take'....because to me it was. More times than not I read a book before it becomes a movie. Out of the movies you listed I am assuming you read the books? If you did which did you read/see first? I have never seen a movie then looked for the book versions. I read a lot, when a book I like becomes a movie I see it. I have never seen a movie that compared to the book...I am not even sure if one came close.
  18. Interesting. I read quite a few of the Tom Clancy novels back in the day. It’s hard to keep all of them straight, though, especially in light of the films. Hunt for red October was the best of the films, for sure. I would have loved to see an on-screen version of red storm rising. Would probably need to be a tv series.
  19. Now I've seen some of the British serializations of LWW, and I have to say that I almost always find British made films with kids to be unbearably sappy and to me these were no exception - though Tilda Swinton was an awesome White Witch. I'll jump into frying pan here by adding I'm not a big fan of Pacino or Keaton and I really can't get past the oxymoronic premise of the good-guy gangster that the GF and gangster movies in general represent as a genre, but that is just me. Not that I loved the GF as a book all that much, but the movie really didn't do anything for me. Coppola can be a genius technically, but at some point it like looking at the movement of Swiss Watch; impressive but I don't care about it.
  20. It's really hard to compare to previous cycles because social media has changed everything. I remember in early 2008 John McCain on the campaign trail... by himself. He was literally on a train with a bag going to an event. He was way down in the GOP polls. Everyone thought it was going to be Hillary vs Rudy.
  21. Just off the top of my head, I'd say they did a fantastic job with Hunt for Red October. The book was great but kind of choppy and most of the characters were pretty flat. The film caught the spirit of the book very well and the casting turned the characters into a lot of very memorable people. The only scene I would have liked to see that was missing from the book was in the subplot they cut out in which a Soviet sub lost it's reactor. I'm a push over for guys getting vaporized in a blue glow.
  22. Somehow several King novellas, and a Grisham novel, made this list: https://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/movies-that-are-better-than-the-book
  23. CB2 is a hole in my opinion. Some of the guys they are counting on won't pan out either. I hope I am wrong but Melvin and Tabor seems like a potential train wreck. Melvin has never been healthy any period of time. Coleman is a Nickel and should not be used on the outside as he is awful there. Hopefully Oruwariye can do something quicker than most CBs. Christian Jones isn't a world beater either, but hes is the 3rd Lb in a system that does not always need one of those on the field. I hope JBR can come back healthy because the Lions desperately need an off the ball LB and he is the best coverage Lb they have.
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