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  2. He's dead, so he probably wouldn't hurt them.
  3. They also swing at the most pitches outside of the zone. These are largely Al guys. That's the answer to the Tigers problems, not Lloyd.
  4. I wonder if they would break out of the rut if they were forced to wear of the Mother’s Day pink outfits with the socks high and swing the pink bat? Nothing else has worked yet.
  5. Anything from him will be a bonus. Let's hope Jake and Daz pan out.
  6. posted this in the regular season thread by mistake...but this TINNSTATTPPP or whatever the **** it is:
  7. Pick the stick really adds suspense and meaning to these games. Not.
  8. The Tigers will lose twice on September 6th...now the Marlins have to feel the wrath of Gardy's boys.
  9. Look at the Tigers roster this year and that tells you why they can't hit. It's all AAAA players and re-treads from Pittsburgh. The best hitting coach in the world isn't going to get much out of this group.
  10. The game is suspended with Oakland leading 5-3. It will be resumed Sept 6th in Oakland with the Tigers batting in the bottom of the 7th.
  11. Only 10 teams average more than 5 runs a game. Texas is at the top at 5.79 https://www.teamrankings.com/mlb/stat/runs-per-game
  12. coming into today, 35 out of 44 games were at 4 or less, that is 79.5% of the games. That is awful. 5 or less is 39 out of 44, so in only 5 games out of 44 have they put up a decent amount of runs, that is 11.3 % of the games only. For comparisons sake, the league averages 33 % of the time getting more than 5 runs, and more than 4 it is at 46.8 % for league average, compared to the Tigers 20.5% scoring more than 4 runs.
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  14. Baltimore took the MLB lead in -RDIFF with -96 today when they lost by 6 runs. If today’s score holds the Tigers will stand at -91 and the Marlins at -89. The series that begins Tuesday will feature the 2nd and 3rd worse teams in -RDIFF in MLB.
  15. So that's 9 in 44 for 5+ runs. For comparison, after 44 games the 2003 Tigers had accomplished the feat 10 times, but had also been shut out 9 times already.
  16. 4 or fewer in 35 games. Not counting this one. EDIT: Oh, under 4. Let me double check 27 three-runs or under games. 61.34%.
  17. It's not an official game until the Tigers get their fair turn in the 7th, hence the anger.
  18. I can never figure out why managers don't manage to a rain delay. It was pretty obvious (at least it seemed to me) that the rain was about to hit. So, why not bring in Jimenez or Greene instead of Zac R? If you guess wrong and the game goes on...fine...I can live with that. But to put in one of your worst pitchers to give up a run or two just before the rain hits seems just plain foolish to me.
  19. A rain delay in this context is like a Death Row stay of execution while waiting for a decision from a Governor that campaigned on the slogan “Kill ‘em all. Let God sort ‘em out.”
  20. What the **** is wrong with the A's, bitching about the tarp being put on the field? You're up 5-3 in the 7th. With the weather that's coming, this is about to be an official game. All you have is a short trip to Cleveland tomorrow- so you have to wait around for a little while. It should be the tigers who are ticked off about the tarp going on a little soon.
  21. The league has evolved into a swing for the fenses at a all cost method while Lloyd is stuck in make contact.. hit in play method. It all went to **** when a couple of doofuses decided to change the team from power to a national league style team when they built Comerica. Yeah, let's go back into the stone ages of dead ball era baseball and win with speed. They still believe that..
  22. I guess I should be thankful, but for whatever reason I’m not getting the audio feed of the Tigers through MLB app. Did Dan and Jim pull a Mario and Rod?
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