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  2. Anyone missing Mario Impenda, he can be heard on the Boston feed this inning......
  3. Al Avila says that the Tigers won't compete until 2021, therefore the Tigers April attendance is the lowest since 2003. Did opening day get sold out? https://www.mlive.com/tigers/2019/04/tigers-april-attendance-at-comerica-park-is-lowest-since-2003.html?utm_campaign=mlivetigers_sf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  4. That hit was totally Dan Dickerson's fault. I am "jinx" guy and he totally jinxed Boyd.
  5. Boyd works from nobody out, runners on 2nd & 3rd to 2 outs - then gives up a single that scores both. 2-0 Sox after 3.
  6. Boyd set the Sawx down in order on 4 pitches.
  7. @Microline133 said on his podcast that the team may in fact want to see how he handles being too good, with respect to whether he continues to put in the work. I thought it was a good point. Of course, I had to turn the volume all the way up to hear it. What’s up with the audio levels, Mark?
  8. Well I hope they stay out of it. It really limits what you can do, even more so than they are now. If you are paying the tax then IMO you need to be a finals team to justify it. Maybe a conference finals team since I would be OK with Houston paying it in an attempt to beat GSW.
  9. Kiley has his first mock up on FG. And this is the first bit of informed speculation I think I've seen that has the Tigers tied to a specific player. Riley Greene looks good. I've read in FG and Pipeline that he's the consensus best HS hitter. I'd love to see them snag one of the big 4 prospects if one should fall. If not, then I hope JJ Bleday makes a better case for why he should be taken at 5, as I'd much rather have them take a worthy college bat. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/mock-draft-1-0-the-top-ten/
  10. The only hit on Mize just was a bunt towards 3rd base, when the infield was shifted for a lefty. I never thought they'd promote him before May 1, so that puts him in line for at least one more A-ball start.
  11. On a Red Sox note, this is the last year of Dave's contract and I doubt he will be extended. They probably need a rebuild with the top heavy payroll they have.
  12. Most of the White Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest. The ones from Craster probably make up a small amount.
  13. If going into the luxury tax projects into higher revenue that goes beyond the cost of the tax, I think Gores definitely signs off.
  14. Mr. Matthew Boyd TheOneTrueAce™ mows them down - 0-0 after 1.
  15. I actually believe him. But he doesn't mean they are going over to sign Lou Williams. He's talking about if they have a shot at one of the 3-5 elite players in the league. Steph, KD, Harden, etc. You know, guys they have no shot at anyway. So it is a very safe thing to say.
  16. After they fired Dombrowski, Avila had their systems checked out and they noticed that their passwords were being stored unencrypted. He noted that DD's password was 'StripedPolo' and when they got into Boston he tried it.... and it worked. So he ran some simulations on their advanced systems and finally discovered Harrison sucks.
  17. He also has a undead dragon, who could in theory cross bodies of water. We don’t really know how much control the Night king has over his Army. Clearly he is able to provide some direction. But are they more zombie horde like that a military force? It’s tough to say. I realize their are a lot of wights and we’ve only seen 13 or so white walkers in screen at the same time. How many sons could Craster have had? If killing a White Walker kills all the wights they created, then using dragons to kill a limited number of white walkers could drastically cut down in the size of the undead army.
  18. raiders have derek carr and his massive cap hit. how could they deal for stafford and his contract? doing that would be really dumb for a team with as many holes as the raiders have. if youre gonna move on from stafford, it would be next year.
  19. Today
  20. Yes, and barring something out of left field he will succeed.
  21. Team player wanted his mates in the bullpen to get some run.
  22. what? that sounds right in theory, but only theory. He's fine--Erie's weather is more unpredictable this time of year. Best he stays on his regular schedule vs having to deal with rain-outs. There is no rush--he'll be up shortly. He really shouldn't pitch in the bigs this year, so let him get 8-10 starts in each of Erie and Toledo, if deserving.
  23. How could he not be prepared for that question?
  24. Julian Sinclair Smith is waiting in the wings as a rival to Fox with his local stations and imminent takeover of the regional Fox Sports Networks
  25. They were very similar hitters if you look at their 162 game averages over their careers.
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