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  2. Makes me sad he basically opted in just to be bought out. I guess I should reserve judgement until I hear for how much he was bought out for.
  3. Nice example of how Mangrove forests can protect the coast from erosion.
  4. I don't think the Lions looked all that great- Atlanta outplayed them pretty clearly. I'm not sure if the 3 TO's is sustainable. They do look like a good contender for a playoff spot, though. But, they got screwed out of a possible win. I still haven't seen a clear, indisputable look that the knee was down (without a helmet in the way) and showing that the clock was at exactly 10 seconds or less. It also seemed like a really quick review given all of that. The whole thing was really weird.
  5. This whole post is pretty silly. Your hero was a trust fund baby who has lived like a king his whole life and you are talking about football players getting advantages in life? That is ******* hilarious. Are you for real? And what the **** does "at some point you're a friggin American or you're not" mean? What makes you so entitled that you get to decide how a real American should act? Your hero Trump is certainly not a good example.
  6. Is there an old MLB lifer that has a lifelong dream of managing and also developed a lot of young players in the minors? They should just give it to whoever this hypothetical grizzled veteran is until they become good again. Or someone out of the box like Kapler to try a bunch of crazy crap in a low-risk environment like our job will be for the next few years.
  7. LOL. You get an advantage in life being born here in the first place. Then you get a scholarship where other people pay to let you go to school to play a kid's game at a top college. Then you have people help you along the way and you realize you have the talent to play pro ball. So what do you do? You disrespect your country while playing that game, and do it while you're making 150 times what the average joe makes. Sorry, that just turns off many people. It's just been "ok" for too long to rip on our country for politically correct reasons. You can disagree, you can protest, but at some point you're a friggin American or you're not. If you don't like what we do here, go somewhere else. See if they'll pay you that kind of money in the CFL. That's really all I'm saying. Oh, and here's a picture of some "repressed" millionaires. After they played a kid's game, they all went home to their 9,000 square feet homes and swimming pools. LOL.
  8. Atlanta is the class of the NFC. The Lions had home field and +3 in turnovers and still lost, albeit controversially. The defense was largely shredded outside of the turnovers. Maybe Davis is that big a difference on defense for Detroit but the Falcons offense is going to carry them to the NFC Championship game at a minimum unless injuries do them in. Book it. They are really good. To your larger point, yes, Detroit can hang with anyone. I think they will win 10 games and make the playoffs.
  9. This is where I am at. I've watched it a bunch of times and I honestly don't know one way or the other. If anything, I think he scored. I have no issue with the 10 second runoff. I agree they could have gotten another play off, but the uproar had the officials applied discretion and gave the Lions another play would be huge. I think I support giving the refs more discretionary power than most fans, but I don't think I'd be comfortable with saying it should be anything other than a codified rule. Maybe if you are inside the 10 it is a 5 second run off on the premise the team needs less time to line up in the situation.
  10. why are you upset that these guys make millions? They have very unique skills that you can only dream about and have short careers because they get the crap beat out of them every week, Many even have short lives due to injuries sustained in football. I think it's pretty disrespectful to say they just run around like little kids. You wanna know who acts like a little kid? Your President.
  11. While we complain about the NFL, there are Americans suffering...
  12. Again, who said this?
  13. They probably did have to wait another month to trade JV to get a better deal for him, but if both he and Upton were dealt on July 31st, the Tigers would have the worst record in baseball. They easily have the worst roster now given their current pitching staff. It is unfathomably bad after the Fulmer injury. They'll enter next year with the best odds of having the worst record in MLB. I guess Cabrera could turn it around next year to maybe change the calculus a little bit, but I'm not optimistic about him being anything beyond a 120 OPS+ or something close to that.
  14. I'm just saying technically violating the spirit of the US flag code is not necessarily akin to narcotics trafficking. Turning your back on your country's anthem - a place that allows you to make millions of dollars for running around like a little kid- is a bit different.
  15. That is hilarious. Earl was a piece of work. I still wonder what Dick Tracewski was thinking as the first base coach watching that tirade...he must have been laughing his *** off.... There used to be a youtube video that was audio only of Sparky dropping countless F bombs in an interview. I really wished I had saved it.
  16. My father would probably call all of your vfw boys losers unless they fought in WWII, the last war we totally won. Is there a code about how football players should position themselves during the national anthem?
  17. 100 losses is darn realistic. I mean, even a blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes, so I suppose it's possible the could catch KC or Minnesota on an off day. But this team is tumbling down the drain fast. Losing out is absolutely realistic.
  18. Not in the traditional Nick Young sense. Russ isn't jacking shots any time he touches it. But when the game is on the line he becomes selfish. Including freezing out one of the best and most efficient scorers in the league.
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  20. I know a room full of vfw boys who think quite differently. But then again, there is no one out there enforcing the US flag code. If there was, most of professional sports would be in violation. Also, every US president would also be in violation. So I'm not losing sleep over it.
  21. I think it used to be considered disrespectful. Traditions change over time. Maybe some day nobody will care about kneeing either.
  22. You missed the point as usual. A civilian wearing the flag on his clothing is considered by many to be disrespectful. My father, a soldier in WWII, hates that.
  23. On two levels he shouldn't be. He is coming dangerously close to infringing on 1st amendment rights by doing so. Also, it's beneath him in a lot of ways.
  24. If you saw the outfit this girl in my beach volleyball league wears, you would disagree, and would frankly never sit during an anthem again. God Bless America.
  25. The issue being discussed is stupid and people are making too big of a deal out of it. There are so many more important things going on in the country and outside the country than what some football players do during the national anthem. The President shouldn't even be talking about it.
  26. So supporting your country is disrespectful? You'd prefer they wear the Russian flag, apparently....
  27. In all seriousness, I do anytime I'm at a sporting match in person. At home in my living room, not necessarily.
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