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  2. They are going to deliver 120,000 pennies to Screwball.
  3. Like most parents my 2 main concerns during all of this is the safety of my kids and the education they will/are getting. My wife and I both work full time so it is difficult to do the homeschooling thing, but we have been doing the best we can with it. I do not need school for them as a babysitter like most people are complaining those who want to send their kids in as claiming...I do want them to get good education. That was before COVID and it still stands now. This is the whole issue to me. It sucks because if I want them to get a better standard of actual learning they will most likely get that in school with the professionals who know how to educate children. If I do send them to school am I putting their lives in danger? We are most likely going to try and figure out how to do the home schooling because their health is the most important thing, but education is not that far behind that. Trying to find the best options to fill both needs is what everyone is trying to do. It is not easy at all trying to home school kids and work full time. We are going to try and figure out a way to make it work, we may have a little more flexibility because of the financial choices we have made in the past. If we did not have that ability I could see how this would be an even bigger problem to navigate for young parents.
  4. https://www.motownsports.com/detroit-red-wings-jacob-markstrom-rumors/ A new Red Wings blog was posted today by Bob Heyrman... Bob looks at the FA possibility of Jacob Markstrom at Goalie for next season. Do you think Vancouver will let him go as a FA and if so, will be Wings be interested?
  5. Beck tweeted they were doing live BP today - implies that meant no IS game. There was one up on the schedule this AM but that web page has now been updated to show the real games starting on the 21st. I just went to the 'scores' link on the Tiger home page and no tiger game is listed for today. There is a link if you want to watch the WhiteSox though....🤢
  6. I get what JBK is saying... It would be better for our evolution if all the idiots all offed themselves over their own stupidity... The problem is all of the collateral damage. Too many other people suffer, innocents, up to and including death, based on other peoples stupidity: drunk driving, gun violence, refusing to wear masks... Didn't you guys pick that up?
  7. Change the logo to a potato and keep the Redskins name.
  8. Where is today's intrasquad game? I have a day off of work and there's some podcast on instead?
  9. I thought it was interesting that the press release yesterday included the word “redskins” seven times as well as the logo. I recall back when the nationals were becoming a thing there was a lot of discussion trying to find a DC related team name and there weren’t a lot of great options. They could switch the name to “Arrows” and maintain a portion of their logo.
  10. From the scope of a parent in one district and a spouse of a teacher in another district (who is currently in a building meeting to try to figure out how to go forward)..... everyone is still trying to figure out what to do. Transportation, masks, schedules, class changes, hallway procedures, lunches, online vs in school plans, classroom layout, etc, etc.... I think we can all agree that kids do need the socialization aspect of traditional school. But what is the best way to try to accomplish it while the country keeps kicking itself in the nuts with its response to something as simple as wearing a mask and socially distance?
  11. Somebody on my facebook feed predicts the COVID vaccine will cause infertility problems. I call him on it and get piled on for not allowing him to have an opinion.
  12. I listened to that podcast too, their conversation was awesome.
  13. best line from Carville today on the Rick Wilson/Molly Jong-Fast podcast today. "An army on the march doesn't ask for terms." Which means that Democrats who are worried, and whinging about making sure everyone gets out to vote should just focus on the fact that Trump's forces are in retreat everywhere and worried for the future. They do not have the strategic initiative and we do. Of course, make sure your neighbor votes. But enthusiasm has not been a problem for the anti-Trump side since 2018.
  14. He's off the rotation for sure. I'm only commenting above on the slime of Hannity doing a self-serving interview with Stone to spread their own self-serving bull****.
  15. And why are pants plural. 2 legs, I suppose, but then, why is the word shirt singular when it has 2 arms. I can just see Andy Rooney with this.
  16. Good thing I don't need it, but some people really do. I have e-filed for years and have been getting SS bennies for about a year, so they have my banking information. There are people still waiting on unemployment insurance as well. But the stock market is booming so all is good. Buy anything and everything. They just released their latest buying extravaganza. From the NY Federal Reserve; Treasury Securities Operational Details I guess it depends on who you are.
  17. Today
  18. I don't follow Eric Garland anymore but someone else retweeted a thread.... his theory is that Mueller anticipated this so that's why he charged Stone with what he did back in January 2019.... but the DOJ can still charge him with other things. Nice reading but I'll believe it when I see it.
  19. Part of me wonders if the team should reach out to Native Americans and try to find a respectful want to honor the people. The pros would be that it would make the transition easier... the new team identity would be similar enough to the old that "old school people" would have less of an issue with it. It could also make the team appealing to Native Americans in general and increase your fan base perhaps. That said, the downside is finding something that nearly all Native Americans would find respectful might be very hard to do. It's a very large and very diverse group of people so it would be a huge challenge. Additionally, whatever is chosen today might end up being less than kosher 20 or 30 years from now and the team might find themselves in the same boat again. The press release said nothing about team colors... I tend to think they'll keep the colors as it'll make transition easier.
  20. Lol. Yeah. Mine’s lost in the fog somewhere, too.
  21. He always seemed like a genuine person. Most times it is hard to judge something like that with television or movie stars, but he seemed like the real deal.
  22. https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-retires-nickname-logo-new-nickname-tbd Washington has officially dropped 'Redskins' as their team name as well as the logo. New name/logo/mascot/whatever to be announced at a later date. This thread is for discussion about this topic of course, as well as speculation on what they might go for moving forward. What this thread is NOT for it political debate on whether this was a good or bad move. I'll be deleting political comments here.
  23. Good for someones business for sure.
  24. You'll get it. They are just holding on to it, so they can **** you off.
  25. Stupid purchases are good for business.
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