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  2. Was he working out of patriotism when he silenced his whores with campaign money?
  3. Did he volunteer to wear a wire to bring down Jeff Epstein?
  4. did he beg the FBI for help with his tax returns?
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  6. Doesnt surprise me.....AA.....eesch.
  7. A Priest, a Rabbi, and Jim Adduci walk into a bar. The bartender says, “So what’s this, a...[YOUR RESPONSE HERE]?
  8. This is no different than any other time you guys have been given evidence and chosen to ignore it. If it doesn’t fit the msm narrative, it doesn’t exist.
  9. I'm just confused as to what campaigns are listening to who.
  10. 2 years $3.25m If this prevents them from drafting a RB in rounds 2-4, I'm all for it. I'd rather they use those picks for more pressing needs of like LB, Lang replacement, TE, #2CB.
  11. i think fulmer's finished. he had a fluke great season where he did well without missing bats. it was a fluke. ever since then he's either been hurt or average-at-best. and now he's having major arm surgery? yeah, he's done. move on.
  12. A lot of highly qualified people work in the Justice Department. Shocking! The next thing you know, you'll be informing us that "water is wet"
  13. if that was true and we didnt take it, its a disgrace.
  14. If you see anything incorrect in all the people and jobs I posted, let me know. And if you dispute the FBI agent's report from 1981 that notes that Trump asked for agents in his casino undercover, please post it and tell me where that report is in error. I have a copy of it if you can't find it.
  15. I guess since we're playing 20 questions, let me ask you if you know some of these answers. Do you know who prosecuted the mob families in NY? Rudy Giuliani did. Do you know who led the gambino family prosecution in particular? Bob Mueller. Do you know who worked with him at the DOJ back then? Rod Rosenstein. Do you know who the Deputy Attorney General was in those days during the bush administration, subsequently becoming full AG? William Barr. Do you know who Barr's deputy was? George Terwilliger. George's son is Zachary Terwilliger...Interestingly, Zach Terwilliger was Rosenstein's Chief of Staff. He was also an Assistant United States Attorney and he served the Senate Judiciary Committee as a criminal counsel to Chuck Grassley. Then in 2018, he became US attorney for Virginia, where he replaced a guy named Dana Boente, who is now the Chief Legal Counsel at the FBI. All these guys, hanging around a guy who is now president and likely had a significant hand in bringing down the mob back in the day. None of them will ever disclose that, and neither will Trump. No MSN outlet will ever report on these relationships or the fact that Trump actually begged the FBI to let the FBI put agents in his businesses 24/7 (a fact that is stated clear as day in FBI reports). Why? Because the MSN wants everyone to believe Trump is in bed with the Russian mob....Which is utter nonsense, if one studies his history in business.
  16. Then they (the campaigns) need to quit listening to them. It is nothing new, btw. I can remember that GHWB was criticized for not being aggressive enough.
  17. There was a similar comment directed towards Brett Baier of Fox News when it was alleged he and Shep had a role in the“Judge” not being on the air. It referenced disappointment he wasn’t seriously hurt in the car accident his family was in.
  18. First of all, credits are dollar for dollar, but deductions need to be tax effected before their dollar impact can be ascertained. So yes, the loss of 12K of deductions is covered with 6,000 of tax credits, because a credit is already stated in dollars. 12K of deductions at say $35% rate is is worth about 4 grand. With respect to the personal exemptions, most higher income people (income that was even less than 400K), lost the benefit of personal exemptions completely under the old law. So other than perhaps for state purposes, where you might have gotten some small benefit, the exemptions just didn't matter. For lower income people the loss of the exemption is offset by the increased standard deduction and the lower tax rate. As an aside, I don't think you'll get alot of people being sympathetic about 400K being considered middle class. That dog don't hunt in most of the country....
  19. Tigers expected to pitch include: Spencer Turnbull? Daniel Norris? Some guys in the stands? Philly TV, no radio
  20. Tigers at Phillies Spring Training Game 29 Remember him? Jermaine Clark Years with Detroit: 2001 Tigers highlights: Scored a run You may remember him from: Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, being traded for Ismael Valdez Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  21. because all those traits are measures that would force Trump to confront what he is lacking, and thus must be disparaged.
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