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  2. Wings trying to get a point in Dallas. 1-1 in 3rd. Namestikov with the goal. This is only Dallas’ 3rd game of year, due to Covid.
  3. No Hall of Fame guys this year. Schilling gets closest with 71%. The hall of fame should be taken away from baseball writers, as they obviously have no clue how to do their jobs. Schilling, Clemens, Bonds and Rolen should all be in this year.
  4. Didn't Miggy play a part in Ramos' release from his kidnappers way back?
  5. Austin Rivers with 25 in the first half against Utah.
  6. The Hausfrau thinks that Fat Boy Slim's Rockefeller Skank has the line "Check it out NOW, the Funk is so Rubber" And will defend her chosen hearing of the lyric with logic and precision befitting a woman of the Law. FTR, the lyric is "Check it out now, the funk soul brother"
  7. You know for the longest time I always thought lunatic fringe was a Pink Floyd song. Not until satellite radio did I learn.
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  9. Free agents are starting to sign: Semien —Toronto 1yr/$18M A. Simmons - Minny 1 yr/~$10M LaStella—SF details are ? I wanted LaStella to play 2B and hit lead off. Still holding out for Ozuna, though Grossman makes that less likely. I see a reunion with Schoop and Cron, and one more SP. still some free agent catchers out there, too.
  10. Then why did Patricia surround himself with his cronies like Paul Pasqualoni? And why did Quinn surround himself with cronies like Patricia? They did not want to be challenged. They wanted to be coddled.
  11. As a fan of the Lions, I want to get as much as possible for him. I would rather he stay and be happy (and win). But if he has to go, I wish him all the success in the world. The guy is a warrior, a true team leader and team player. All those horrible rosters and poor coaching we had and we heard very little complaint from him. That didn't mean he didn't care, complaining just isn't his style. As for what we get for him, I expect much less than most of you. Low expectations will mean more approval if we get more. And it would be less disappointing if we didn't get a lot for him.
  12. I do think the Trial needs to happen. I also think Trump needs to be made to answer questions in the dock. If that has to be a courtroom outside the Senate so be it.
  13. So, speaking about the lunatic fringe. America has had one forever. I'm listening to some youtube video about Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan and they mention that fans were livid when word that Spock was going to die in the film were leaked from people looking at early scripts. So, trek fans were threatening to murder the producers, the writers, and bizarrely enough, Leonard Nimoy if Spock were to die in the movie. That happened 40 years ago prior to social media accelerating and distributing the thoughts of these desperate characters.
  14. Broncos would be an ideal location from the lions perspective. Two top 10 picks is a good way to start a retool. If you draft correctly that could set you up for years. Luckily the lions have loaded the cupboards with good talent evaluators who draft really well. The lions offseason thus far has been really good. The stafford trade will either continue the trend or raise question. If you trade with the colts they are going to need to offer more than other teams considering they are in the 21st spot. They should be in win now mode though, they might be willing to offer some things up.
  15. it's a fair point that if they can disqualify him by majority vote they should do it and save everyone the rest of the effort. Impeachment is going nowhere in this Senate. The current GOP wouldn't convict the Sahara of having sand if they thought it could save them a primary fight. OTOH, disqualification is the only practical result of the impeachment anyway and for the Dems a DQ will accomplish exactly what they want, which is that Trump will get bored with politics if he can't run again to get his vengeance on everyone and so will almost certainly fade away politically, and with him the remaining energy in the GOP.
  16. If we could get the 9th pick that would be a dream. We could then potentially get our qb at 7 and still possibly get one of the top WRs or Parsons at 9. Also Denver has a lot of young weapons so I think it's a place Stafford could really excel, unfortunately for them they're in the same division as KC though.
  17. I'd be good with this: Censure him first. That way you see who in the Senate approves of his behavior. then on a 14th amendment vote (simple majority) bar him from further public office. Then finish this Trial portion to the obvious sham conclusion where the GOP can only vote to punish by committing career suicide. Then refer the matter to a special prosecutor to determine who was part of the conspiracy and criminal charges
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