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  2. Good thing I don't need it, but some people really do. I have e-filed for years and have been getting SS bennies for about a year, so they have my banking information. There are people still waiting on unemployment insurance as well. But the stock market is booming so all is good. Buy anything and everything. They just released their latest buying extravaganza. From the NY Federal Reserve; Treasury Securities Operational Details I guess it depends on who you are.
  3. I don't follow Eric Garland anymore but someone else retweeted a thread.... his theory is that Mueller anticipated this so that's why he charged Stone with what he did back in January 2019.... but the DOJ can still charge him with other things. Nice reading but I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. Part of me wonders if the team should reach out to Native Americans and try to find a respectful want to honor the people. The pros would be that it would make the transition easier... the new team identity would be similar enough to the old that "old school people" would have less of an issue with it. It could also make the team appealing to Native Americans in general and increase your fan base perhaps. That said, the downside is finding something that nearly all Native Americans would find respectful might be very hard to do. It's a very large and very diverse group of people so it would be a huge challenge. Additionally, whatever is chosen today might end up being less than kosher 20 or 30 years from now and the team might find themselves in the same boat again. The press release said nothing about team colors... I tend to think they'll keep the colors as it'll make transition easier.
  5. Lol. Yeah. Mine’s lost in the fog somewhere, too.
  6. He always seemed like a genuine person. Most times it is hard to judge something like that with television or movie stars, but he seemed like the real deal.
  7. https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-retires-nickname-logo-new-nickname-tbd Washington has officially dropped 'Redskins' as their team name as well as the logo. New name/logo/mascot/whatever to be announced at a later date. This thread is for discussion about this topic of course, as well as speculation on what they might go for moving forward. What this thread is NOT for it political debate on whether this was a good or bad move. I'll be deleting political comments here.
  8. Good for someones business for sure.
  9. You'll get it. They are just holding on to it, so they can **** you off.
  10. Stupid purchases are good for business.
  11. This tracks anecdotally with my (heavy on young parents and school employee) FB feed
  12. Damn! Grant Imahara from Mythbuster is dead!
  13. Nah. Its just the only pair of sunglasses that I have had for, gosh, over 20 years? I know I had them when I played softball. Just some cheap pair that has lasted forever and ever and ever. Why do we refer to one unit of sunglasses as a pair of sunglasses? The American language is so dumb.
  14. yellow lenses for cloudy/rainy days. Depending where you ride stones are the bigger worry. Seriously, I don't like to see anyone ride a bike on a two lane without their eyes protected.
  15. I think you should sim 4,015 times and let us know the results. Can we get that by end of day please? Thanks.
  16. I remember her most from the movie Twins with Arnie and Devito.
  17. Well, Durham trotted a soup can out the mound, so what did they expect to happen?
  18. You know, I never considered the legal aspect of it. I just couldn't fathom mothballing baseball again after the successful drive to reinstate it.
  19. I haven't watched the news in a couple of days. Has the delayed deadline been mentioned?
  20. Yeah, that's the part that makes no sense. Trump just wants to say "National Guard" because he thinks it makes him sound tough.
  21. This is going to sound stupid, but hey, whatever. When I bicycle, I wear sunglasses even if it is cloudy to keep bugs out of my eyes, and I stick a piece of gum in my mouth, which keeps my mouth closed, which keeps bugs out of my mouth. Now on the serious side, I have noticed a random person here and there wearing a mask while bicycling on the bike paths that I use, but I would guess it is easily in the single digit percentages.
  22. How many sims did BP run? It’s fine. Like you said, to each their own. My personal experience with OOTP is that it too often produces what should be high unlikelihoods (positive or negative). Obviously you have gotten one of the more lucky sims.
  23. There will be no polite people at the party.
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