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  2. Tonight's OT win by Seattle over San Francisco is the best MNF I can remember.
  3. Steelers, Saints, Ravens, Seahawks, and Cowboys.
  4. Ugh. Raked my front yard and mom's on Saturday. Arctic front with high winds blew in this morning and filled both yards with our neighbors' leaves.
  5. Name one team in the lasy 20 years other than the Pats who has been able to sustain or replicate success sticking with the same HC for awhile.
  6. Love Condi Rice. It is sad she doesn't run for office, but I do get why she won't. And it just makes me love her more.
  7. Or maybe the long haul of mediocrity results from changing schemes and coaches every four years. Unless you can get Nick Saban out of Alabama to coach, or, dare I say, Cris Collinsworth (with his expertise in analytics) out of the booth to serve as GM, changing the regime now is just a knee-jerk move.
  8. glad to see this. The Bulwark is doing good work
  9. I had forgotten about Fryman’s cycle in 1993 against the Yankees until I read your comments. I recalled the morning after his hitting for the cycle I was so stoked about it. At the time I was supervising a day crew in a pharma production facility. I remember explaining to the guys that morning in the shift meeting what hitting for the cycle entailed. They probably wondered where that came from but I was still living it. Man, the Tigers had some bats back then.
  10. I’m not a big fan of Cancel Culture. However, the lack of apology from Grapes leads me to believe that Archie Bunker probably refused to apologize. Sportsnet would have to fire him for under those circumstances more for being insubordinate than political.
  11. You didn't color-code your comment.
  12. Cool, I actually have more. This is a Paul Harvey type "the rest of the story." I've been in and out of love with racing for 50 years. The two things I love most, is the innovation and the history. That drag car tire picture is an example that fits both. Back in the 60s you could go to a dirt track sprint car race and see a Foyt, Rutherford, Unser, and many others who will be at the Brickyard in May. It was the same car. They used treaded tires on the dirt, and slicks on the tar. Not real big ones either. AJ circa 1960 on the dirt - notice the right rear. Tires were bought by what were available at the retail consumer level as custom tires were too expensive. On dirt, you were always fighting getting off the corner. Tires just spun, and who can feather the throttle at the slowest part of the lap? Tar wasn't a problem. Somebody, I think in PA, and a drag racer decided to take a drag slick, cut some grooves in it, and bolt it on the back of a sprinter. The rest is history; one of the most influential and sport changing events in it's history (this picture is not one of them). NASCARs Kyle Larson from not long ago: The World of Outlaws are the top racing circuit in the country at this time. They run 80-90 times a year all over the country. They got their name back in 1978, which was their first year. There was a bunch of racers throughout the country who didn't run the local shows, but traveled track to track where winnings were better. They locals called them outlaws as they came in, whipped the locals ***, and moved on to the next place. In 1973 a guy from my hometown took his pickup, race car, and a couple of pit guys and headed to ASCOT park in southern LA, owned by the well known A.J. Agajanian. ASCOT park was an incredible place, I was there in 1992 (their last WOO show). It is now a shopping mall or something. Great article about it here; End of an Era : Ascot Park to Join Southland Tracks That Have Passed Into History From that article: And that is the rest of the story.
  13. It's a sports story, but it's very obviously a political agenda on the part of sportsnet. Because who out there can think of anything more terrible to teach children but to support your veterans and your military families? With all the things that people have said on tv over the years to get themselves fired, this was one of the most benign comments I can recall.
  14. Figures out that Rose needs to be in the second unit, but starts Frazier who immediately gets a turnover.
  15. Vicodin has acetaminophen in it, which if taken in huge quantities, can damage your liver. They also said he had liver cancer, if that's from the drugs and drinking, I don't know. Most alcoholics can drink and live longer than 38 years. There more than likely other drugs involved. But his disease was addiction, originally. And he never got help for it. He still owes the Lions a part of his signing bonus but he was totally broke. Just a very sad story.
  16. Evil is a good word. I buried my parents. Both had battled illness leading up to their death. Dad was 71, Mom 78. I had POA and Executor. They went about 5 years apart. Both went through 2-3 year battles to stay alive at the end. There are not enough words to describe what I saw in the countless hours I spent in hospitals, doctors offices, and rest homes watching my parents get pillaged on their way to the grave. Probably not a popular opinion (and I will warn the people who work in the industry; I don't blame you.) but the entire system is nothing more than a blueprint on how to milk people penniless and then allow them to die. We no longer have value once there is nothing to extract. You become nothing more than a pin cushion pill eating revenue stream to the system. Healthcare is 20 percent of our economy, and growing somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 percent annually. This is simply unsustainable. This issue needs to be addressed, and it can't come too soon.
  17. Thon...made of paper inside and yet still can’t move his feet on the perimeter. Can’t shoot. Bad timing on the boards even though he has crazy long arms. Is Wood injured?
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