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  2. From the album wall in the home office.............Planet Orange
  3. Since the beginning of August the Tigers have played at .317, since Sept 1, at .357. so 4 wins would be the projection based on their last dozen or so. Baltimore is playing worse than Det recently, with 2 6 game losing streaks since Aug 5. But Baltimore is finishing with Seattle and Toronto at home, then Toronto and Boston on the road, we have the Palehouse home and away, Clev away and Min at home, so as Bert noted, we have the tougher schedule. Does seem unlikely we can catch them.
  4. Whatever improvement we get next yr will be 90% in the starting pitching. Rogers has to go back to AAA and see if he can get his feet under him. But the thing that is being missed is that as bad as the current group is, they are scoring more runs than before they all started playing together. Add a healthy Jones and Goodrum back to the mix and the team will score runs at a better rate than it did this season in May/June/July. And they should probably bring Mercer back. On the pitching side, we will come out of ST with Boyd, Norris, Turnbull and probably Verhagen plus some waste heap signing, maybe Moore again, as starters. But by the ASB the 5th starter and one of the others will probably both have crashed and burned so I'm hoping we see up to two of the Erie phenoms. Upside potential altogether might be to stay under 100 losses.
  5. We also have 6 games against Cleveland and Minnesota.
  6. Today
  7. While true, Detroit would have to win at least 4 of their final 13 and Baltimore lose their final 12 for Det to pass them. Every game Balt wins, Det has to win 1 more than 4. I'd say Det's odds of getting #1 are 95+% at this point
  8. There are reports that Minkah Fitzpatrick will be traded tomorrow.
  9. Jones has the most ability. Harold may continue to surprise. Boy, the other guys.....
  10. This is a terrible team. These players would be lucky to make any other team in MLB. Harold and Reyes are at least making it a decent audition for themselves. The others are a definite nope. And Cameron is about the only other one with a shot next year. I'm not sure if Rogers will ever hit here. Elizier Alfonso is our next starting catcher, and he is 3 years away, at least. We are in trouble next year and again in 21. 22 we may hit .500 and we should contend in 24.
  11. It didn't work yet. Baltimore can still catch us for the #1 overall pick next year.
  12. So Jalen Ramsey asked to be traded. Here's the obligatory should the Lions trade for him post.
  13. And good buds. <giggle> The only thing between people getting relief from their ailments (in regards to the benefits of hemp/pot) in the context of legalization; is our lawmakers making sure the Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novartis, and the rest of big pharma world makes a profit from doing so. Sure wouldn't want a few plants in my back yard.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Given our low interest rate environment, I found this interesting. I had an acquaintance tell me today they wanted to borrow 2 grand to take some course which would give them another avenue to make money. Don't really remember what it was, but legit. The bank they talked to (5/3) would float them the money; at 13.5 percent. Amazing. I don't know the time. Doesn't matter. Those swine ****s (who have no money I might add) get borrow (almost) free money, while they charge someone 13.5 percent on 2 grand. I think of the articles I've read about people who don't have 400 bucks to fall back on. In this case they are trying to get ahead, and get hosed doing it. 13.5 percent of 2000 is 270 bucks. They simply can't do it. Swine banks. While every day we see **** like this; 3 JPMorgan traders indicted in alleged pricing scheme - CNN Little itty bitty fishies get caught. The whales keep swimming. And get almost free money to boot. What a gig!
  16. Good article. And it is frustrating that federal law has prevented “good science.”
  17. I am confident that the tank worked. See you next year.
  18. That makes more sense. We saw the Cars live back BC (before children, late 70s or early 80s) and I was surprised to think he was that much older than us. Apropos of nothing, I have a cassette ca 80 give or take of my husband singing lead on a cover of Just What I Needed. I should digitize that demo tape and post on FB. It will annoy him, but oh well. He wasn’t a big new wave fan, and as a drummer loathed singing lead. But that band paid well, and he was the one with the voice best suited. So he sucked it up.
  19. That's what it looked like. They were lining up a TE on the left side to help out Crosby.
  20. I was thinking the same thing.
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