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  2. But I would bring back the red jerseys.
  3. I would lose as many games as Hinkie did. But without it being my goal.
  4. Finally caught up with this season. Such a great show. Every character is perfect. Every single one. Such pure Colombian satire.
  5. I would love to see Del run the Pistons and cruzer run the Lions. But they would still have to post here.
  6. if you ran the team i doubt silent g or ellenson would ever have been drafted.
  7. So, the Senate has names this bill the Better Care Reconciliation Act? BCRA... The Blindly Callous Rapacious Act is more to the point. Shameful.
  8. What you want done should be done in Grand Rapids. If I ran this team, Silent G and Ellenson would have spent the entire year in GR.
  9. I think Bradley is where we want KCP to get to. Since he is already there, pay him the big bucks and get free of KCP in case he doesn't develop to that point.
  10. I'm sure they would want to extend Bradley if they trade for him. I meant KCP is a free agent and can't really be traded unless it's a sign and trade.
  11. So it isn't implied that Bradley would get an extension upon a trade--sorry about the mix-up.
  12. I like the idea of acquiring a SG and letting KCP walk. This is a good trade for the Pistons if nobody falls to #12, bad if someone does. Sounds like it'd have to be done before the draft, which makes it tricky, unless BOS is taking Jackson anyways.
  13. Do we keep these good value players and continue to tread water, or do we go after higher-upside gambles at the same or cheaper prices? Why not give trade Leuer and give Ellenson his role? It seems like Leuer was acquired with contending in mind, but if we aren't contending, Leuer should be dealt for even a second-rounder if we can swing it.
  14. Avery Bradley is a very underrated player, but not sure how that does anything if we let KCP go
  15. No question
  16. I know what you meant. That's why I mentioned chadd. He was supposedly in charge of the drafts to some extent. So the system sucking could have more to do with him than the assistant GM who oversaw development of ****ty players.
  17. So, this going to sound weird, but Avila having such a great season kind of bums me out. It's completely wasted. Maybe we trade him for a good prospect or something. But that just makes it all the more frustrating. And he's going to play himself into a three year deal with some other team after he's traded. He will go on to make a couple more all star teams, and he will end up just a guy that used to play for the Tigers. He will win a World Series with another team.
  18. He's a free agent. I guess a sign and trade in July would be possible.
  19. The Jordan/Dre talk is starting to make sense now.
  20. I don't think you will like that answer
  21. Doesn't trading or packaging KCP for another 1st rounder seem like it should happen if we get Bradley?
  22. Sorry, I meant current org members....DD carries as much blame as anyone for the poor development + drafting, but Avilas the top dog left from that team It seems likely to me that AA was very influential in terms of player development under DD...the responsibility isn't mutually exclusive.
  23. But wait, how does this get rid of Drummond or Jackson?
  24. This blows my mind.
  25. Interesting. Would they let KCP walk? Try to play him at SF?
  26. You could arguably blame chadd more than Avila for the current state of the system. I guess it's hard to say exactly what an assistant GM does. Is he just another voice in the room? Is he a glorified scout? Without knowing the specifics of what went into each of the decisions that got us to this point, I just don't see how he can be blamed too much. Even if something was his idea, DD approved of it. I think I will just blame moves under DD on DD, and moves made under Avila on Avila. So I guess wasting 18 million on Lowe and pelfrey and krod this year can be on him. We are going to be about 20 million over the tax, and it could cost us in the qualifying offer game.
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