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  2. I disagree. It seems natural to me that corporations would favor a political party that inherently wants to reduce or eliminate taxes and regulations. Dems have a few industries that appear to lean in their direction, but on balance Corporate America wants a GOP majority everywhere it can get it.
  3. Bucks-Celtics series price is Bucks -260 Celtics +220. I expected Boston to open about +275 and looked to maybe grab them if they hit +300. Apparently people are more impressed with that sweep of Indiana than I was.
  4. You would think. I am probably off base, but from what I've read the recording system got turned on more less accidentally but then the chief and/or other parties decided to use them to investigate his own dept for civil rights violations. That is clearly what council member Davis was hoping for in sending the information to the Feds. Then it blew up on them when the officers sued and the Feds said the recordings were (probably at least) illegal. So yes, at the end of the day, I would have fired Boykins as well for wiretapping without a warrant. Except that Boykins was supposedly 'cleared' by another investigation and Buttigieg now says he shouldn't have fired him, so that is why I think I'm still missing another twist somewhere.
  5. Heard a rumor that the lions could take a QB at 8. That got me thinking about tin foil hat stuff. What if the espn article suggesting a trade to the raiders was based on some inside knowledge. There were reports that Gruden is paranoid about staff leaks. And we know Gruden loves how Stanford hits the turkey hole. What if the lions trade Stanford to Oakland for picks, and use the #8 pick on a QB like Haskins.
  6. FTA: How can the guy admire Larry Kudlow and have two working brain cells? Also FTA: I don't care what they do to Trump, but guys like this ****head, in the position he is in, is what's wrong with the cesspool known as DC. Kudlow is a bigger BS artist than Trump. What's that say about this dip****?
  7. That's the blessing and curse right there. It's good for the health of the franchise that they are financially stable but bad because as long as the revenue streams in, Gores will be content. What he needs to do is butt out and let Stefanski and crew do what needs to be done to right the ship. If they want to deal Blake and Drummond for futures, let them.
  8. Whether it's illegal or not, I don't think you should be taping officers private conversations without permission because of their race. That is a fireable offense where I work.
  9. Raise your hand if you knew Igor Kokoskov was the Suns head coach.
  10. I think he needs a sports shrink. It's as though his self-confidence can't stand going against a better player/team so he withdraws to prevent having to deal with his best effort being bested. Pretty weird to have been an athlete for so long and never learned how to lose tough, or to understand that there will always be someone out there who has your number and is going to make you battle for everything, but that is how it strikes me.
  11. Drummond shot 44% from the floor for the series. He took two shots outside of the paint the entire series, and still only shot 44%.
  12. Butthurt because someone called out jerks on a forum. VERY cool. "See I am a good/understanding person too..."
  13. Corporations are in the back pockets of all DC politicians, but they have extra affinity for GOP politicians. They got Trump's back, and Murdoch's and Sinclair's media network will keep the public in check.
  14. I seem to be missing something somewhere. 1) -The Feds ruled the taping illegal but sent the case back for a ruling on Indiana law - so much for Federal Supremacy! 2) - The city appears to have conceded the taping was wrong as they have paid off the officers that were taped. 3)- Pete fired Boykins for making the recordings , which the Federal court said were illegal, and the city paid the claims for, but Boykins was cleared by the special investigator - so evidently the mayor should not have fired him. 4)- Mayor admits firing was a 'mistake'. This doesn't quite all add up.
  15. Drummond doesn't have the mental and competitive edge to be a stronger force in high profile games. Part of that is personality, another part of that is playing for a dysfunctional franchise his entire professional career. He has time to evolve, but it's highly uncertain if he has the mental and physical tools.
  16. Oh, yeah, Smokes was infatuated with how hard the ball was coming off of his bat in spring training. Didn't last long up north.
  17. We played them as tough as we could in the first 3 quarters...then BAM it was like a flood...all of a sudden we were down by like 20! lol I mean it was almost instant. I could not believe how fast it happened. George and Greg were going bonkers over the fouls. That is what happens to bad teams when they play good teams...they foul more, but the discrepancy WAS a little shocking. And I saw more than a hand full of BS calls. I used to defend the **** out of Drummond, but the dude is SO soft it is ridiculous. He is not mentally tough enough. Things start to go the other way and he starts jabbing, throwing elbows, pushing. He does look incredibly weak for a dude as big as he is. He is child like out there sometimes.
  18. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/04/gop-staffer-advocates-trumps-impeachment/587785/
  19. If predraft is consider the next season.
  20. Gores is by trade an asset flipper, and Del correctly pointed out the Pistons continue to increase in value despite the horrible product they put out for public consumption. There is little incentive financially at the moment for Gores to properly rebuild the Pistons.
  21. Officially official. I am leaving the forum for good. Want to thank everyone who I met on here for a memorable 5 years of watching the Pistons. I know I was extremely negative, but this decade has taken its toll. I wish everyone on here nothing but the best in the future, and of course, go Pistons! This is Sydney_Fife, signing off.
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