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  2. Sally Yates signals they want to prosecute Trump
  3. Well for sure. He is the biggest problem.
  4. I'm enjoying this sadly. Get out you arrogant fat **** and take your Patriot buddy with you.
  5. Ok. Pour it on. Need one more TD from Houston.
  6. a linebacker they turned into a fullback.
  7. My god Bevell. Him and Patricia have no interest in winning.
  8. I was thinking earlier that Houston is the first team I’ve seen in a long time other than the Lions who have had multiple plays with multiple penalties on a play.
  9. Yep, lots of unnecessary penalties keeping the Lions in it and they are still up by 17.
  10. come on lions!!!! lets get a turnover and another houston td. run. it. up!
  11. And the thing is, Houston has been very sloppy today.
  12. There it is! Patricia should be as good as gone. Being absolutely embarrassed.
  13. Everybody just going through the motions, checked out. Good. Exactly what was needed to set a torch to this regime.
  14. look at what a blitz can do... patricia never learns.
  15. Oof, what a 3rd quarter. Patricia really doesn’t want a job. No way he is actually trying to win. I can’t believe that.
  16. really frustrating to watch houston. watson had that guy wide open for a td and missed him, a play after he rolled out when he didnt need to and got his team a phantom holding penalty.
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