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  2. had the best walk-up song--Funky Cold Medina.
  3. Interesting read. Reversal of Fortune: Rusney Castillo's Megadeal With Red Sox Traps Him in Minors His deal is too big to call him up - the luxury tax would be crushing.
  4. A real coach would have him hitting the ball with his legs...
  5. Can't tell if Rasmussen banked it off Dahlstrom on purpose or just lost the handle but credit for sticking in front of the net either way.
  6. Ordonez' stats are likely inflated due to his fluke age 33 season, when he batted .363 and finished 2nd in MVP voting. If I recall correctly, most of the criticism in his later years were related to his lack of homers, giving him the nickname Singlio. His overall numbers weren't bad, but the criticism was most likely due to not living up to unrealistic expectations of his near MVP season.
  7. Jesse is going to drive through the desert until he's just outside Phoenix, where his El Camino breaks down - desperate he gets a job as a waitress at Mel's Diner and a new sitcom is born.
  8. It has nothing to do with the polls. It's the overall trendline in actual elections. Romney won Texas by 15+ in 2012, Trump won it by 9 in 2016 (carrying barely a majority of the vote), and Beto O'Rourke and most of the statewide ticket lost by anywhere from 2-5%. I feel fairly comfortable in saying that Trump will win Texas, but it's not out of the question that he could lose the state based on the trendline.
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  10. I'm ok being right again while you all believe the polls. That was not exactly unsatisfying for me last time.
  11. On a farm Dwight Schrute would just do what has to be done. We can’t.
  12. Or Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin which were only won by 1% but let's mess around with highly unlikely states like New Mexico and Oregon. In fact, I hope he does. The polls in Texas cannot be ignored. Democrats need to at least check the pulse there. I haven't even mentioned Georgia which is getting tight.
  13. Should be noted that there have been rumors of them spending money in Oregon as well.... Unless a meteor wipes out Portland, I don't see that happening.
  14. Same. His comments were pretty vague... it'd be nice to see more context, but I'm sure it's not coming.
  15. True, but just about anybody would consider Philly a favorite in this game even with the issues based on pedigree alone. That doesn't mean the Lions can't win but it'll be a tough one for them.
  16. Funny how poll after poll shows neighboring Texas and their 38 electoral votes in trouble for Trump and yet he's campaigning in a pretty solid blue state with its 5 electoral votes.
  17. True... and if he was perhaps not 100% Week 1, and out Week 2, it’s not likely he’s 100% for Week 3. OTOH, by some point in the season, nobody is 100%.
  18. My thought is, is he really healthy? Sure he's practicing but is he 100%? It's also good to know that Crosby can be inserted if Decker struggles.
  19. If both teams were healthy, I would give the nod to Philly, at home. With the Eagles injuries, the Lions have a much better chance to steal a road win. Philly has a quick turnaround since they play Green Bay the Thursday after the Lions game. I'm somewhat optimistic, I wouldn't be surprised with a win or loss.
  20. I knew someone would say it. Crosby did very well, and as RandyMarsh pointed out, he didn’t have as much help as we might have expected. But as badly as Decker played Week 1, that performance was an aberration. I have to think he went into that game with a bad back that got worse. Either way, it is good to have him healthy, and good to have hope that Crosby can take over one of the tackle positions next season and free up payroll.
  21. You’ll have to forgive those who aren’t MAGA if they don’t believe information coming from Trump’s campaign manager. Trump folks don’t exactly have a track record of telling the truth.
  22. Philadelphia has a lot of issues to sort out from their last game. They also **** the bed in the first half to Washington.
  23. The Lions never play well in Philly, it's somewhat of a snake pit for them. With that said, any team can win on any given Sunday so the Lions have a decent shot at winning but I'd put money on Philly especially if the Lions don't sort out their issues from last game namely the anemic pass rush and special team issues.
  24. I watched the Philadelphia game against an Atlanta team that was blown out by Minnesota and they did not look very good. Philadelphia has their issues too.
  25. Ex-Spartan Draymond Green lands on Sports Illustrated's NBA All-Decade 2nd team
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