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  2. Is Cabrera injured at all? It seems like they could just DL him and have him rest up for next year rather than battle through injuries in meaningless games. Stupid comparison, but it worked for Federer in tennis. Either way, he's probably the most disappointing player in MLB this season.
  3. in 2006 and 2007 Inge made 22 and 18 errors at 3rd while putting up a total of 40 defensive runs saved and a total of 32 UZR . So for sure - you can play an IF position well enough to be a huge plus and still be charged a bunch of errors that are mostly on balls no-one else touches. Of course, the Tiger scorers were some of the last of the old school guys. They were one of the last teams to cave and get more liberal with granting hits. I couldn't say exactly when it started to shift at COPA, but 10 yrs ago? I'd guess a number of the errors Inge was charged with 10 yrs ago - at least a home - would be given hits today.
  4. To See a World... BY WILLIAM BLAKE Every Night and every Morn Some to Misery are Born. Every Morn and every Night Some are Born to sweet delight. Some are Born to sweet delight, Some are Born to Endless Night.
  5. Hopefully they accidentally air episode 7 on Sunday somewhere.
  6. Classic kneeler.
  7. Are you really going to turn down an easy $1,000 or are you doubting yourself? I think the problem is that you are looking back to your predicted wins for McCain and Romney, and it fills you with self doubt.
  8. Best of luck to everyone on avoiding a cloudy Monday.
  9. I just saw it now. They should not have taken the flag from her, but she was not dragged or kicked. We don't know that she was an innocent bystander. She probably said something to provoke the guy who tried to take the flag away from her. Again, he should not have done it, but it didn't look like the vicious assault that the MSM (Fox News) made it out to be. If that was the worst thing they could find, then I would say it was a pretty peaceful rally.
  10. Granderson is my favorite Tiger since the 80s, but I don't know if I would want to see him back in Detroit. I would not want to see the criticism if he struggles big time next year. He is going to be 37.
  11. You can probably get away with 17 errors if you have fantastic range and a strong accurate arm. You can't make 17 errors when you field the position like a statue.
  12. Yes. Great job. That's what you want- injuring police officers and tearing flags out of and old lady's hands and dragging her down the street, kicking her and committing assault against her for no reason. That's steppin' up for sure. Again- well marketed, that image alone could get Trump re-elected. You can't **** and moan about a car killing a woman last weekend and turn around and say violence perpetrated by leftist groups against an innocent bystander is acceptable. It's all wrong, but to ignore it when it happens on your side is again, pure hypocrisy. Similarly, I've mentioned situations of illegal immigrants killing innocent people (including one that I am personally very aware of), and yet on a board of leftists, that stuff doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that illegal immigrants are breaking the law and committing crime after crime. It must be Trump who is in the wrong, simply for trying to enforce the law.
  13. But didn't her theory come from the media?
  14. This lady isn't on "a side," really though. She loathes Trump and didn't vote for him. She's kind of hardcore Libertarian, if anything. My point is partly how to deal with the diminished credibility of the media. Especially. since, to a large extent, they have merited he skepticism
  15. I think that his trade value is the proverbial bag of baseballs. I know that GM's are way smarter than we are, but when they assess the value of a guy who can't play third, and whose bat isn't good enough for 1B/DH, I think that fair market is a bag of baseballs. We've had lots of guys like that, guys who didn't have enough bat for 1B/DH and not enough glove for 3B/C. Rob Fick, Eric Munson, Chris Shelton. Add Castellanos to the list. We don't have Terry Ryan and Ron Gardenhire anymore - when Ryan signed Eric Munson and his titanium hands to play third base, his explanation was that "once Gardy and his staff get a chance to work with him in spring training, he'll be fine." There's a reason why those two guys are out of baseball (although Ryan is apparently now on the Phillies' payroll for doing something or other). We just don't see baseball execs with that kind of hubris anymore - "we can fix him even though no one else can". Fick and Munson could at least put on "the tools" every now and then, and come off the bench left-handed, and extend their careers in the National League because of that. Castellanos has no alternative value at all. That's why I think that his trade value is a bag of baseballs. No one wants him, and he's not good enough to start - not even for the Tigers.
  16. Boston has had a pretty racist past but today that city stepped up. Nice job.
  17. Something tells me this might also go sideways. It seems in the near term for Sports its going to be UM football and MSU basketball.
  18. I agree regarding Candelario. As for Castellanos I think first option should be to trade him if we can get an equitable return that fits our team better.
  19. Well Dick, it's because you were already an old man when you did that Naked Gun cameo about 25 years ago.
  20. A richly-deserved loss for Fulmer, giving up an unearned run in the 7th when he was cruising. I know that there are other defensive measurements that are evolving that are perhaps more important than errors, but you can't make 17 errors at third base in 3/4 of a season. I want Candelario here, now. I want to see if he can play third base, because Castellanos can't. And he doesn't hit enough, and never will, to overcome the glove at third, or to justify putting him at 1B or DH. I'll give him one more spring to disprove that 1B/DH theory. An outfielder? Ugh.
  21. Again, If the left is stupid enough to throw its support to an organization that throws **** bombs at police officers, marches with nail filled two by fours, attacks peaceful protesters, etc. then they deserve that organization hanging around their neck like a cinder block come election time. They own it. This has been going on for months. Again, the radical right is just as bad. But it takes two to tango. And antifa just decided to find a partner this time because their garden variety rioting all alone wasn't getting the left any traction. I was already proven right on here once. I didn't need anyone's money in November of 2016 and I won't need it in 2021 either. You're just another in the long list of people who miscalculated badly last year and still haven't figured out why. If you believe in your sinking ship, maybe you should just donate your bet to antifa to further their peace loving causes. Or give it directly to the DNC. God knows they can't get anyone else to fund them, given their numbers....
  22. Today on 1-95 heading out of D.C. To Virginia Beach we had 70 miles of bumper to bumper because of the traffic toward Totality. I grew to hate all of them. I considered following one of the "Totality or Bust!" Cars to a rest stop so I could make an object lesson out of them. But murder is wrong
  23. If I'm alive I may come to Toledo. Id be 72. You never know.
  24. $1000 trump isn't president in Feb 2021.
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