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  2. they played miami and florida state multiple times as those programs became powerhouses. they played washington and ucla like every other damn year. he had a stanford fetish in the 70s after they kept him from winning the national title in 1970.
  3. in the 1970s they played big 8 schools and pac 8 schools almost every year. then in the 1980s they went to notre dame, a good second opponent, and a patsy. including playing both notre dame and miami the year they were #1 and #2. they never played sec schools because sec schools would never travel. they played florida state, texas a & m, and south carolina multiple times because those southern schools were willing to come north and play home and home series. everybody was recruiting in the 1980s and bo still had top 5 finishes. he could just never go undefeated and win the last game. he was also almost never blown out.
  4. 1) kids and parents HAVE THE CHOICE to take the risk of playing football or not because of "cte" or whatever they want to call it. banning football because of covid 19 doesnt give them that choice. now, they still have the choice. the players can opt out and not play if they dont want to depending on their tolerance for risk. 2) kids die in college all the time. drinking, drugs, suicide, car accidents, etc. its a risk. life is full of them. the chances of them dying from covid 19 are terribly terribly small. the chances they even get noticeably sick are quite small. i get it. college kids are pretty dumb and dont consider the risks of their behavior. and i get that the real risk comes to the teachers and the kids' families. again, its a measure of risk tolerance. if youre not going to open up society at some level until there is a vaccine that has been sent to everyone in the world, then youre going to ruin the economy, wreck the lives of millions of people, and set the education of millions of children back by a couple years. is it worth it? hard to answer that question, but i imagine you and i differ on at what level it is worth it.
  5. I like the suggestion of moving Jeimer Candelario back to third base. CJ Cron and Jonathan Schoop both had one year contracts for 2020. I like both Cron and Schoop, however I would bring back Schoop over Cron. I believe every MLB team needs a solid everyday second baseman.
  6. I think Niko is playing himself out of consideration as an everyday player so that leaves 2b open for Paredes and 3b open for Jeimer to go back. He was showing signs of being a plus fielder there so it maximizes roster value to put him there and 1b is probably the easiest place to shop for a FA - who knows? -they might even offer Cron. Jeimer, W.Castro, Paredes and a FA 1b and your IF is set until you have to decide where Torkelson fits - but you have some time there and things could resolve by themselves by them. And for that matter, Paredes might start next season in AAA if he doesn't have a good ST. (assuming there is a spring training.)
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  8. Please stay away from the big name free agent signing this off-season. I would love to get Francisco Lindor in the Tigers lineup, but I’m afraid he will become a fourth rate player in Detroit. Detroit’s front office doesn’t do will in the free agent market. We cannot afford another disaster like Jordan Zimmerman or Dontrelle Willis. Willis, if I remember correctly, was acquired from the Florida Marlins with Miggy for Andrew Miller. In the long run, the Tigers could be better off going with the their current group of rookie infielders. What’s your opinion on keeping Jeimer Candelario at first base?
  9. True - plus he was a coach willing to lose a game rather than bench a favorite QB so injured that couldn't even lift his arm to throw the ball. OTOH - Bo had a lot less recruiting competition so he didn't have to play on a level playing field as often, plus he pretty much made sure not to play the teams that were likely to embarrass him. He wouldn't play the SW at all and the SEC rarely if ever. I think they played Georgia maybe once in Bo's tenure, Oklahoma once in the Orange bowl. There were probably others but I can't think of any. His reason was he believed they were corrupt, which is fair enough, but it still did protect MI from ever playing some of the powerhouse teams of the era.
  10. The tolerance seems to be pretty low. TBF, many parents today are not letting their children play football because of CTE. HS football participation in the West Coast states - generally considered cultural bell weathers, is down something like 20% in the last decade or so. So many people were doing personal 'football bannings' because of the risks - even before COVID. If you are a University President and ONE kid at your school dies, what value was gained for his death? If you can answer that question you play. If you can't you don't want to. The question is moot now anyway since they are going to try to play. But I think in general today we are a very risk averse society especially regarding children - that is just a reality - and college athletes are still pretty much defined in terms of being people's sons and daughters. Right now I tend toward the view that CV-19 is burning through the population in line with the most aggressive estimates or even more, that the prevalence has already been much higher and the mortality for the healthy lower than things look right now, but even given that we still have millions that the rest of us have to continue to protect.
  11. is brad stevens still a genius?
  12. It keeps getting worse. Graphic testimony reveals poker player Susie Zhao had soot in her throat and was burned ALIVE after being sexually assaulted - as registered sex offender, 60, prepares to stand trial for her murder
  13. for ****s sake, its football! talk about a risk! should we ban football because players will get paralyzed or suffer head injuries that may disable them later in life? 99.9999% wont die and a huge percentage will not have brain issues, but some will. should we ban the sport because of the risks? same with covid. do we ban the sport for at least a year because some people will get covid, a small percentage of those will get sick, and one or two might die?
  14. one football player has died from what they are describing as symptoms from covid 19. one. how many college kids have been hospitalized or are sick? 88,000 have contracted covid, have any of them been hospitalized? have any hospitals been overwhelmed (which was the original reason for the lockdown)? you talk about risk and i agree with you. what is the risk tolerance? should it be that we all stay in our homes until there is a vaccine? is that what you think we should do? all the major sports are playing with minimal interruptions and zero hospitalizations. european sports are back in the middle of a second wave with no hospitalizations. at what point do we tell participants in sports that they can get tested every day and play. if they test positive they can quarantine for a week and then come back? or do we shut everything down until next fall? that seems extreme to me.
  15. when did bo ever get embarrassed like that? bo's problem was that he was too conservative when he had better teams, not that his teams wouldnt alter game plans and got blown out.
  16. GAME 48 Plate Appearances - 10,432 (59) - Passed Bill Dahlen at 10,429.
  17. Every society looks at risk differently. Look at the difference in the Russian approach to vaccine certification and the US/West Europe. Putin may be a bad dude but the Russian vaccine program isn't evil, it's just based on a different weighing of the various risks. Covid isn't going to kill many football players, but it will kill at least some (at least one college football player death has been reported here) so even if in a perfect world we could keep college kids isolated so they only infected each other, some would die, and the question is how much dislocation of the rest of society is the right response to that number of lives. Of course we can't even do that and Bigg's point is the fundamental one - but even if it were not..... The problem with football is that you don't have much serious upside to balance against even a small risk. It's entertainment. And in college football even if the players are willing to accept the risk, their parents are likely to be less forgiving in any case that goes bad - and you know that goes even for the same ones manning the barricades today demanding their kids be allowed to play. Where is gets complicated is all the people whose economic livelihoods depend on it. If you want to take the free market/personal responsibility approach, their problem is their own fault for hitching their economic wagon to something transient like sports entertainment instead of something like medicine or farming. They should have found pandemic resistant careers. </Jonathan Swift Mode Off>
  18. We had Doctor Strange tonight. Wife was iffy but I liked it. Seemed to be a nice change of pace. Something different. The mid credit scene was perfect as I viewed this as a Thor tie in for sure. This was the first time we watched the trailer ahead of the movie. That helped. I really had no idea what to expect. Was he a good guy, a villain, etc. Was a little confused on civil war as to why it was labeled a captain America a movie. Was that because how it was in the comics? Or because he led the split? Not a big deal just curious. For anyone still on the fence know that my wife is eager to watch these every night. She’s one to call asleep at 9:30 and we don’t start until 8:30 ish. I was worried we wouldn’t get through these by the end of October but that won’t be a problem. I am so bummed I missed out on these in the theater around other people.
  19. I could buy that argument about Al Avila, but Quinn and Patricia don't show much evidence of being good at what they have been hired to do even compared to Al. Quinn esp. Patricia is easy to skewer because he is both a caricature and obnoxious enough to deserve it, but TBF only the very best coaches can overcome weak rosters and overall the talent level on the team under Quinn has been treading water at best.
  20. Detroit Country Day is going virtual after an outbreak.
  21. Like, we didn't know this already? You know they put this on the screen every time he comes to bat, right?
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