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  3. Of the guys you listed...Robson. Dixon is somewhat versatile defensively and has far more pop. Power is in short supply round these parts
  4. you cant make fun of her, she said she has anxiety.
  5. how dare you. nick gave national league pitchers a break and went 0-4. the greatest 0-4 in cubs history.
  6. I'm just talking in general, not specific to debates.
  7. Vina—falsely credited with starting the Tiger’s turnaround.
  8. I know people will say that he is just saying this to be politically correct and he doesn't mean it but I think there is alot of truth to this. During the season these guys(atleast the ones that really put forth the work) don't do much outside of basketball, and in the offseason they can live wherever so where you play isn't as important to them as many people seem to think. Of course all things being equal they will go to the more desirable location but if you have or can put a better team around them I think guys will more often than not take that over location. And BTW we all know he's talking about Bullock here.
  9. Miggy has K'd three times in a game 47 times. He's K'd four times in a game 6 times. From the four seasons 2009 to 2012, he only K'd four times in a game once, and K'd three times in a game twice.
  10. Jordan Zimmermann vs Ryan Yarbrough I'd prefer TBD
  11. Tigers at Tampa Rays  Game 120 37-82 Remember him? Fernado Vina Years with Detroit: 2004 Tigers highlights: Played in 29 total games You may remember him from: St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, being a PED user Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  12. Meanwhile Greene has given up 13 hits and 7 ER in 5 1/3 innings for the Braves. Looking like Det did well with that trade, but the guys who came over for Nick are struggling
  13. In 1984, Did the players, called up in September, receive World Series rings? Scott Earl, Dwight Lowry, Randy O’ Neal, Roger Mason and Nelson Simmons. These players weren’t on Detroit’s postseason roster. I’ve never been able to find a complete roster of players who received a 1984 World Series ring. Thanks for any help.
  14. I bet he's done it 8 or 9 times. And now I have to look it up . . .
  15. I'll bake you a couple loaves and ship them - you just need to post pics of you eating them on random street corners.
  16. I guess I need me some banana bread.
  17. apparently too busy "eatin' sexy" to report on a couple of great games for Erie the last two nights.
  18. Looking forward to Mindhunter Season 2. I will watch it right before I go to bed tonight.
  19. 3 starts and 3 good games for Wentz at Erie
  20. Miggy struck out 4 times. I doubt he's done that 20 times in his career
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