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  2. May the Torks be with you. Can I copywrite that?
  3. They are the mirage tigers in early spring training. I like the mirage.
  4. If only it stays that black and white. More likely he shows up to run taped up after having tweaked an ankle in a workout and proceeds to post 4.53.
  5. I agree that is what they are banking on. I still think it's better politics than public health.
  6. In your case I would use the term cranial flatulence.
  7. For Michigan, after we came out of the 1st wave we got down to under 5/100K (which is just about 500 per day) with a postive test rate under 3%, so it wasn't cases not seen for lack of testing. But it didn't hold long, rising to about 7/100k but holding there through July and August and Sept, which wasn't too bad, but then total loss of control beginning in October/Nov.
  8. pretty sure it's a 2 week average that needs to be at or below 50 per 100k per day. Taking a quick look at what they say the numbers are and how many Ohio is showing a day, I believe it's not new cases need to be below 50 per 100k, but on any given day, how many tested positive for Covid, plus each of those that tested positive before with no symptoms in the last X days, plus those that had symptoms and are now symptom free within the last X days. So if they say 10 days for no symptoms and another 10 days after symptoms are gone, Fred who tested positive today, George who tested positive 7 days ago, and Paul who tested positive 3 weeks ago, but just stopped with symptoms 4 days ago all count towards that per 100k number.
  9. Note Ohio will be different than Texas. It won't be, orders are gone, go burn your mask. It'll be, orders are gone, remember private businesses can enforce mask rules and it probably would be smart to wear those masks while out in public for the time being. In terms of 50 out of 100k being absurd, Ohio (based on numbers I just looked up so I don't know if they are slightly behind or not) is about 170 out of 100k currently. I wouldn't be surprised if the thinking is that by the time they get that down to 50 out of 100k, many more folks will already be vaccinated.
  10. If Pitts runs a 4.4 then he IS an outside receiver who can stretch the field. Plus he's big. If he is slower than that, then he's not and you don't take him.
  11. 50 over a 2 week period, is about 4 per 100,000 per day, if I am reading that right. They've been below 50 per 100,000 per day since mid January, and that number is an outbreak. I don't know that any state has been below 4 per 100,000 per day since testing became adequate.
  12. Probably tougher to find wideouts that will block than wideouts that can block ---
  13. I got a kick out of this; great arbitrage This is a link from Mish who is talking about a WSJ link which is probably pay-walled. Don't really matter. The lesson is in the execution. Man Makes $300,000 Racking up $6.4 Million in Credit-Card Charges
  14. I heard some of their shows. I disliked their chit chat and I didn't like that McLain was involved, but they had some really good interviews. They even got Lou Whitaker to open up. It was his best interview ever.
  15. Downfield blocking and blocking in space is also very important and opens big plays in the running game and screens, crosses, etc. Having a wideout who can block is a big advantage.
  16. Yes, you always take who you have graded as the better value for YOUR TEAM. If it's Pitts, its Pitts, TE or not.
  17. I think they quit a short while ago. I follow Page on twitter. Eli crapped out. I think Denny was involved too. I heard Ron on the radio about 10 years ago on a Sunday evening. I think it was one of those things where he bought the time. He had Northrop on. They bitched the whole time about today’s players being spoiled and lazy. Was sad to listen to. Bitter old guys complaining about how things were not like they used to be.
  18. OK - that may be usually be a fair assumption.
  19. Just the way you wrote it, made it seem like you had a brain fart and thought Cron was back
  20. Yesterday
  21. The simple question is: 1) Is Pitts better than Ja'Marr Chase? I think the answer is no here, so I draft Chase. 2) Is Pitts better than Devonta Smith? This is debatable as Pitts may be able to offer a few things on offense where Smith is an outside receiver only, an intermediate-to-deep threat. Which is great, I would still take Smith over ... BUT... skinny-as-a-rail Smith also worries some on the health side. Can he take an NFL beating/ avoid injuries? But what an explosive deep threat! He's Randy Moss fast so Smith still should have the advantage. This one might be a coin toss, based on what a team sees... 3) Is Pitts better then Jaylen Waddle? Great if Waddle is Tyreek Hill or Odell Beckham. But what if he's only Cordarelle Patterson or Danny Amendola? I don't know well enough to guess what Waddle turns into... This also could be a coin flip based on what a team sees... If Pitts ran in the 4.4 to 4.5 area, I would say these questions would be more interesting. But I thought I saw that he was mostly a 4.7 type runner. That doesn't do it for me. I go with one of the 3 wide receivers over Pitts. Any of the 3 receivers. Bottom line: I'll take the game breaking speed and look for a later round mismatch like Pitts.
  22. I am slowly collecting vinyl again and I am listening to albums again instead of just picking out songs. I always have to kind of pick out songs to play on the radio shows.
  23. Obviously this is way too early since the season hasn't even started yet... And hopefully, the team makes enough progress, and can call up kids in September that show well, that we don't even have to consider the #1 spot... But... just in case (we can revisit around August). PS: I just wanted to lock in my AWESOME cleverness with the title...
  24. Ditto on this part. The key to me is bidding on the "right" guy at the "right" time that helps put the team over the top (into World Series contending mode...). And then if money is wasted at the back end at least it was worth it. Unless you can get a high-end player entering their prime (say 27-28), almost all multi-years are sucking wind on the back end. I don't mind, so long as it's for a good cause... Unless we get lucky and a prime athlete wants to play for Detroit starting in 2022...
  25. On Green... How about: The grass is GREEN'er on the TANK side?
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