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  2. The more I think about it, the more I want Reddick. There isn't much of a drop off in talent from Charlton to another guy who would probably be there in the 2nd, DeMarcus Walker from FSU. Similar type players, although Walker is just a bit smaller but also a little quicker off the snap.
  3. While I wholeheartedly agree with you, the enemy of my enemy...
  4. Trump takes credit for the baseball team in 3........2..........1.............
  5. results wise he did OK. Came in with 2 on no-out. US tried to bunt, Jimenez threw out the lead runner at 3rd. Then a GO FC left 1st and 3rd with 2 out. McCutcheon beat out a grounder to short and a run scored (4-0), then he was out of the inning with a pop-up. Not bad damage control. A K or 2 would have been nice but he didn't give up anything out of the IF and he fielded his position.
  6. Bill Kristol must be feeling like Lear on the blasted heath. He spent all those years helping give birth to a child that now rejects him...... All those things are about governing Bill. Your children don't care about governing.
  7. Bases-loaded two out 3-2 count… 6-0 Great Satan. Calling it a night.
  8. You forgot Jiminez. How'd he look?
  9. I just hope looking the other way with Trump is worth it to Paul Ryan... all so he can focus on his ****ty healthcare bill
  10. I haven't heard them say it's a no-hitter. Just said no one's reached base since such and such. But I'm reorganizing my hello Kitty scrapbook so I might've missed something.
  11. Seems to be a lot of no hit talk to me. They cannot shut up about t. I just turned it on though.
  12. The announcers refuse to say that Stroman has a no-hitter. It's an exhibition game for godsake.
  13. Ooh-la-la. Women vs girls!
  14. I'm not saying who I'm cheering for tonight, but just know that I dyed my hair blond this morning. Looking a bit silly right now. 4-0 in the 6th.
  15. Even though it's wrong to mention it Puerto Rico is being no-hit after five innings. I won't say by whom because I want to keep you guessing, and I might not be violating the baseball curse that way.
  16. Kinsler scores on Yelich's single. 3-0.
  17. SVG missed the boat at the trade deadline. As much as I don't love using today's NBA Draft as a vehicle to improve, this appears to be the draft where you want to have two first-round picks--or at least move up into high lottery range if you only have one. Perhaps he can make it happen on draft day, but it is OK to ask if he'll even be here by draft day. Shooters can come from anywhere--just look at the top 20 in 3pt % and made right now. Joe Ingles, Seth Curry, Allen Crabbe, Tony Snell, Patty Mills, C.J. Miles and of course, Kyle Korver. These are guys who were taken long after the lottery picks were gone, and some needed extra seasoning. Could Jimmer be ready for a shooter's role on a team like the Pistons that desperately needs his gift? I think Del would have already signed him, and I know I would have. SVG, if he's still here next year, needs to get three more dependable three-point shooters onto the roster. Let Ish run the show, trade Reggie, Harris, Morris and let Baynes walk. Promote the two rooks and see how they handle the off-season/SL/Camp. It needs to be open season on bad shooting, bad effort and entitlement for the Pistons going forward.
  18. no
  19. So, are you thinking this because of cost cutting? A salary dump? Otherwise, why would we get rid of a guy pitching well? With that salary you're not gonna get much for him. If he's pitching well, we want to keep him, don't we? By suggesting that Sanch will be traded are you somehow thinking that Zimmerman is ready to join the rotation? No way Boyd gets sent down. He's pitching too well. There's more likelihood of Zim going on the DL and Sanchez taking his spot. Fulmer may need extra time. Sanchez will take Zim's spot. Pelf may make a start or two for Fulmer. I hope Michael's ready...
  20. Ian Kinsler with his second hit of the game.
  21. Funny, I thought the Tigers had more players on the Venezuelan team than the US team....
  22. Was Andre pouting because his buddy got bumped out of the starting rotation? You get the impression Stan has collection of players but he has no team.
  23. Team USA has struck out 17 times in the last 10 innings of the WBC.
  24. Giancarlo Stanton is the batting 8th. Either this is a tremendous team or Jim Leyland is managing it.
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