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  2. in order to distract from her lies about Doofus' health, "Press Secretary" makes even bigger lie we pay this woman $180K to not hold press conferences, to go on Fox News and to tweet lies to the American people
  3. All I said is that I think it makes sense.
  4. Good player with a bright future. Not worth the #8 overall pick.
  5. Again, I think people and the detroit news are thinking to simple about this. Oh well well just promote WM... There is no guarantee that the eastern league in it's current form will exist. It might become a high a league or split into three leagues. Our AA team, if we lose erie, might end up in el Paso for all we know now. Its gonna be based on regions and new leagues in 2020.
  6. thats a little much. lets give him at least more than one year before we kill the pick. but he does have some of the characteristics of a bob quinn pick: safe, not great at anything but not horrible, low ceiling high floor, big school. and i would say that all of his first round picks have been average at best, and bad (jarrad davis).
  7. Glad to hear Casey likes the G-League. Hopefully they just let the kid sit there all year.
  8. romo couldnt play anymore because of his back.
  9. Apparently the Republicans have determined that disruptive motions to try to throw off Adam Schiff prior to testimony is a loser.
  10. Someone on MGoBlog said Jennings would be listed as a 3:2 favorite. I wish I knew him in real life so I could get rich. I would list Holzhauer at 2:1 maybe 3:1.
  11. I still have it. I just keep it in the shower drain now
  12. This has been a line repeated by Rs for 40+ years. Nunes is repeating it in a slighly different package.
  13. She's going up against Cliff Clavin in a few months.
  14. close to Detroit which is good but one of reasons offered for contraction was to make travel shorter. WM is near 1 maybe 2 EL teams. And Erie's facilities are way better.
  15. Was there any thought to having Gloria Clemente participate?
  16. Today
  17. Tells you all you need to know about the evidence he has that the administration is innocent.
  18. I wonder if Pence has ever had a solo meeting with Williams.
  19. A big part of what the Rs need to do is to persuade the 5-10% of Americans that are on the fence about impeachment... maybe for impeachment but not removal, for instance. I don't see how the Nunes strategy does anything to address this group.... it seems like preaching to the converted to me.
  20. I look forward to the impugning of a Purple heart war veteran reporting what he personally observed.
  21. Man, Nunes is laugh out loud ridiculous. What a dick.
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