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  2. Really gotta kill these guys. Get ahead about 17-0 and then start a brawl.
  3. I do feel Bloomberg got a little better as it went on but it didn't go well.
  4. Who wants to bet the Biden hecklers are Bernie Bros?
  5. Because with one of them you lose cheap talent? Very few teams in baseball can consistently do both. Maybe only one. We can't all be the Dodgers. It's a lot harder than typing "hey do everything that makes us good" on a message board.
  6. Cool. Now, why don't you drum up some grammar?
  7. Does this include not clearing snow off your car the first time?
  8. I'm slow on the uptake but saw it right away. That would be a nice job, even if it it the Os
  9. I was a toddler in '68. First Tigers memories are from '72. I'm ready for baseball
  10. Yeah because New York City is known as a tax haven.
  11. I don't think vilifying Bloomberg as a billionaire is going to work.
  12. The only thing I would say about this is: Sanders, or any Dem nominee, only has to state that he will shore up Social Security and Medicare, will make certain it is NOT touched ("unlike my opponent Trump who wants to strip $1 Trillion out of it so he can fill his pockets with tax cuts & the like"), will strengthen COLA, and the future health of these programs... etc. And he steals gobs of Trump's senior citizen supporters. And loses none of senior Dem voters. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Bloomberg won't support workers sitting on corporate boards or having ownership stakes, beyond stocks, in corporations. The wrong answer at the wrong moment in America.
  14. I think Biden has held up well. Bernie is Bernie.
  15. Warren, Pete and Biden look really good tonight. The shine will be off Bloomie after tonight.
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  17. I think Warren and Pete have looked the best tonight.
  18. Bloomberg is getting hammered. Warren is bringing it. I think Biden is doing well, at least better than he has in the past. Buttigieg is just natural. Klobuchar has been a little disappointing. Bernie Sanders has been his normal self.
  19. The Dems are doing to Bloomberg what the Republicans could not do to Trump.
  20. Warren is on fire tonight and Bloomberg is a total train wreck! These questions are awful and nothing of substance is being discussed.
  21. Bloomberg should have fought for the DNC to keep him out of the debates. What a train wreck.
  22. A $300 million TV ad campaign can make anyone look likable.
  23. Warren is a savage tonight . . . “I'd like to talk about who we're running against: A billionaire who calls women “fat broads” and “horsey-faced lesbians.” And no I'm not talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”
  24. We need an AI 30 for 30. I know he has one already but it was mostly about his trial when he was in school. I want the story on the guy hiding garbage bags full of cash around his house. The guy who came back from road trips and would forget where his car was parked. So he called a cab and went to a dealership and bought a new car. That would be fun.
  25. Bloomberg has the personality of 120 grit sandpaper.
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