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  3. zero issue with it. Just commenting on that slag having Covid being a bit of a non-shocking shock.
  4. Still cracks me up that Junior's significant other is older than his dad.
  5. Having to stop for school buses is robbing me of my rights!
  6. Not being able to toss tear gas into my neighbors' yards is taking away my rights!
  7. Not being able to throw knives on a plane is taking away my rights!
  8. Neil Young lets him use that song? He must not own the rights.
  9. Al Jr hit some big dingers for the Tigers. I know he had his haters but I wonder how different his career path may have gone if he hadn't taken so many foul balls in the noggin.
  10. You know what will happen.... she’ll either have no or little symptoms and they will use that as an excuse for everyone to want to get it
  11. I already did it in a state with a Republican (appointed, not elected) SOS.
  12. Guessing that isn't the first time she has tested positive.
  13. It was a crazy day. I completely forgot about that.
  14. Cleveland Spiders https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Spiders
  15. WHITE SOX 1ST: Pierre grounded out (first to pitcher); A. Ramirez struck out; Konerko singled to left; Quentin popped to third; Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga ran into the dugout and confronted catcher Alex Avila; Galarraga pointed and yelled at Avila, who then yelled back; Gerald Laird got in between them and started verbally defending his fellow catcher; he and Galarraga had words; coach Lloyd McClendon held back Galarraga as the latter threw a punch at Laird; other players, including Johnny Damon, separated the two; 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Tigers 0, White Sox 0.
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