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  2. Um, most importantly, we are 1 game over .500. Yes, I count Florida Southern.
  3. I wish he would shoot a lot more corner 3's.
  4. I get why people like that he is trying to shake things up. I get why people like his conservative policies. I do not get why people would worship the guy and think he is some kind of genius.
  5. Me, too, Anrat. As each day passes, I am feeling mounting trepidation. Not laughing anymore.
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  7. I can't even laugh at people like that anymore. It's just sad that there are so many people lost to truth.
  8. I find it hard to believe Cabrera was thrown at intentionally. The circumstances suggest that's completely foolish. February 25. Pitcher was clearly struggling. No previous history between the two principles or the teams. The kid was probably trying to drop a curveball inside and it just went too far inside. Obviously he wasn't having a solid outing.
  9. Pitcher said he didn't mean too and he couldn't command anything. Said he through a curve that didn't do anything but hit Miggy on the forearm. Said he gave the explanation to Miggy. Now whether you believe that or not is up to you.
  10. so what is with Krizan? Late bloomer or was last season at AA/AAA just a fluke? Certainly doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar, but a 368 OBP is pretty nice at any level.
  11. VIA Jayson Stark: Justin Verlander was in the clubhouse when Miguel Cabrera got drilled but said: "I ran out there" in case a brawl broke out. "You see homer, homer, homer, Miggy gets hit...In my cutoff shirt, I'm sure I was very intimidating"
  12. lol
  13. Radio suggested that he didn't have a scooby where his pitches were going to go. But that it looked bad - 3 home runs and then a HBP - so they had to throw him out.
  14. So, was this dickweed actually throwing at Cabrera? In spring training? Or was it just situational and after giving up three homeruns and they had to call it because it looked bad?
  15. Joey Pankake with a HUUUUUUUUGE round of applause for his plate appearance.
  16. Alex Presley with an inside the park...... bases clearing single and error on the CF.
  17. Something Roger Stone wrote? I thought he had a couple books on dirty tricks
  18. Gilbert has now proposed a major *new* commercial building in Detroit All the renovation work on the classic pre-depression era buildings has been a great thing and has saved an architectural legacy few cities anywhere can claim, but I always though that until someone showed that adding to the existing downtown building stock was viable, you couldn't really say that downtown was ready to move from just 'recovery' to being part of the future. The other relevant news for the City is the rehab investment going at at the FIsher building and the Piston's announcement that they are going to locate their facilities north toward the "New Center" area. It will be interesting to see if there is enough development interest to create a rehabilitated area all the way to G. Blvd. Even as originally envisioned in the '30's, fill in from G.Blvd to Grand Circus Park really never happened the 1st time. Today with WSU taking up so much of that area there may be a better chance.
  19. What book is he carrying? Doesn't he know that Trump has never read a book?
  20. I was stunned when I saw it. Totally unexpected. Was able to get one before the keg blew.
  21. I remember, not that many season ago, when the only way you could get any internet updates on was via the mob mobile site. The regular one had nothing - no gameday and barely any audio at all. Then the mobile one would basically give up in the 7th inning and never update. Btw, I love the minimalist start to the thread. Perfect.
  22. A $4,000 jackpot for the 50/50 at the ball yard today? How do I get a ticket?
  23. I know, my leadoff is killing the offense.
  24. From Authorization Failed to a perfect feed...go figure. Go Tigers!
  25. On a side note, I remember when the spring training game threads were almost as big of a deal as regular season games. Hopefully they will have a good season and this apathy will turn around. EDIT: BTW, good job, Casimir.
  26. If you are using wireless in a well packed residential area the cut outs are often your wireless device getting confused about who it is talking to which then creates a drop in the program link requiring a re-authorization cycle. On a PC you may have properties settings available on a wireless card to control how easily it will get distracted by other sources, but usually no such luck on any kind of mobile device. Especially if you have neighbors with Xfinity routers that have left them turned on as unlocked hotspots.
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