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  2. I think Frazier is a totally different player. Stewart is all bat. Frazier is a potential 5 tool player. He'd be starting on any other team than the Yankees and maybe Astros.....
  3. yeah - MiLB is for finding stars in amongst chaff. You never need enough MLB quality players to actually make your MiLB teams good - you just need enough to get 3 or 4 to the majors every couple of years. You draft 40 guys per year. You are better off finding 3 major leaguers and bunch of trash than 15 AAA players that *all* plateau there.
  4. One good hitter or even a moderately good hitter would not put much of a dent in this team. They need a cluster of new players that would create a synergy of sorts a critical mass that would pull this team out of the dumpster.
  5. Frazier is a good hitter but lousy fielder. Plus, may have a bit of a d-bag attitude. I could just see him in this town and the ruckus he would stir on here and other media.
  6. So I just checked the schedule and they have three days off in the next eight days. That will give us some welcome relief from days where there are no losses, and for the team where they’re able to avoid the unbearable heat of the dog days of June.
  7. I'm more optimistic about 2022....Bojarski will arrive with Greene and they'll give us that ooomph we lack now
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  9. Boyd and whatever to the Brewers for Keston Hiura and whatever
  10. Is it really that much different from the past though? I looked at 1991 and 5 teams lost 90 or more games (with four fewer teams than today). Last year there was 8. In 1974 there was 6, 90 loss teams (24 team league). Now I will say I just picked two years completely at random. Maybe they were the outliers. I dunno. But, it doesn't seem like there are that many more doing it. I just think they are more open about it.
  11. It also works better when there are a couple teams tanking rather half the league.
  12. Apparently some book already has win totals out. You're a degen if you bet before the draft and free agency. But...Brooklyn over, Denver over, Golden State under, Minnesota over, Knicks under, Sacramento over.
  13. Of course. You have to pick the right guys, hire the right staff, make a good trade or two, etc. But, let's stop with this silly notion we should sign a bunch of 35-year old FA as some buck the trend system or avoid losing games. Its a natural part of sports. You're bad. You get get young players and get good again. You just have more teams blatantly doing it now for a host of reasons. 1. everybody in the front office comes from basically one school 2. It works.
  14. Cubs, Royals, Phillies, neary every championship team from 1900-2019. Let's not pretend it was just the astros that figured it out.
  15. To me, Frazier and C. Stewart look to be similar players. I think both also need to play LF. I’d prefer seeing us get a 1B and/or middle infielder in return. Beyond looking at positions, it would be nice to identify a top of the order talent, which we are lacking in the org.
  16. Boyd an Greene to Yankees for C. Frazier, Estavan Florial, and Jonathan Loasiga. Who says no?
  17. I think overall record means little in terms of player development. And Daz is 22 in AAA and Pareades is what 20 in AA...there are guys that just got drafted older than that.
  18. I share your concern overall, though Cameron and Paredes are both young for the leagues they are playing in.
  19. It's worth the risk to try to accumulate draft picks.
  20. Not that it means much, but Det's farm teams (low A to AAA) are collectively 44 games under .500. Even Erie is 2 games below. I'm not confident enough in their player development to believe they will contend at all. DD got them there with trades and Mr I's wallet. Hopefully some from this years draft produce. If fans are banking on Daz (.207) and Parades (.265) they might not produce much more than the current team does.
  21. Spot on. The Tigers have the ‘losing with crappy talent’ down to a science. I don’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to execute the other half of the equation.
  22. In the end, Houston was successful with the approach. But it wasn't a fail safe approach. They made mistakes along the way (JD Martinez, Mark Appel, Brady Aiken as examples of misplays). And as was mentioned, the Astros went through the process when it was largely a novel thought, so they did have an advantage there of cornering the market, so to speak.
  23. After the Encarnacion trade the Yankees had to demote Clint Frazier. He is a 24 year old on pace for 25HRs and an 850 OPS, he'd be our best position player, but the Yankees have so much talent they have to demote him to the minors. A guy the quality of Frazier is forced to play in the minors yet all the minor league quality players we have on our roster get to play in the big leagues and collect MLB pay. Like life, baseball can be unfair.
  24. it works if you have the right architect who can make the necessary trades and identify talent. Losing with crappy talent is the easy part.
  25. No... it's a sure sign that the FO has wizened up...
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