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    Default New SABR Book - Detroit Tigers 1984: What a Start! What a Finish!

    A new book on the 1984 Tigers has been released through SABR

    A SABR BioProject Book

    The 1984 Detroit tigers roared out of the gate, winning their first nine games of the season and compiling an eye-popping 35-5 record after the campaign’s first 40 games--still the best start ever for any team in major league history. The tigers led wire-to-wire in 1984, becoming only the third team in the modern era of the majors to have done so. And Detroit’s determination and tenacity resulted in a sweep of the Kansas City Royals in the AL playoffs and a five-game triumph over the San Diego Padres in the World Series. And Tigers fans will tell you that the bottom of the eighth inning in Game Five was the first time Kirk Gibson hit an iconic home run in the Fall Classic.

    Detroit Tigers 1984: What a Start! What a Finish!, an effort by the society of American Baseball research’s BioProject Committee, brings together biographical profiles of every Tiger from that magical season, plus those of field management, top executives, the broadcasters--even venerable Tiger Stadium and the city itself. A team of more than 40 writers and editors compiled the biographies and supporting essays that make up the most comprehensive look at this remarkable team.

    Includes biographies of: Glenn Abbott * Rod Allen * Doug Bair * Doug Baker * Juan Berenguer * Dave Bergman * Tom Brookens * Marty Castillo * Scott Earl * Darrell Evans * Barbaro Garbey * Kirk Gibson * Johnny Grubb * Willie Hernandez * Larry Herndon * Howard Johnson * Ruppert Jones * Rusty Kuntz * Mike Laga * Chet Lemon * Aurelio Lopez * Dwight Lowry * Roger Mason * Sid Monge * Jack Morris * Randy O’Neal * Lance Parrish * Dan Petry * Dave Rozema * Bill Scherrer * Nelson Simmons * Alan Trammell * Lou Whitaker * Milt Wilcox * Carl Willis * Tom Monaghan * Bill Lajoie * Sparky Anderson * Gates Brown * Billy Consolo * Roger Craig * Alex Grammas * Dick Tracewski * Paul Carey * Bill Freehan * Ernie Harwell * Al Kaline * George Kell * Larry Osterman

    And articles and contributions from these SABR writers: Adam J. Ulrey, Alan Reifman, Bill Bishop, Brian Borawski, Carl Shinkle, Charles Faber, Chip Greene, Cindy Thomson, Clifford Corn, Dan Scott, Dave Gagnon, David L. Fleitz, David Laurila, David MacGregor, David Raglin, Don Peterson, Doug Hill, Gary Gillette, Glen Vasey, Jason Lenard, Jeanne M. Mallett, Jeffrey Shand-Lubbers, Jerry Nechal, Joanne Hulbert, John McMurray, John Milner, Kent and Chuck Ailsworth, Larry Hilliard, Malcolm Allen, Matt Bohn, Maxwell Kates, Mike Lassman, Mike McClary, Nick Edson, Nick Waddell, Pat Kilroy, Paul Carey, Paul Geisler, Peter M. Levine, Richard L. Shook, Richard Newhouse, Rick Vosik, Stew Thornley, Tracy J.R. Collins, Trey Strecker.

    Here is a link to the digital/paperback versions (digital version free if SABR member): Detroit Tigers 1984: What a Start: Books!
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    I've been wondering where I could pick up a biography of Sid Monge!! This solves that problem, thanks!

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    I have the 1968 book and wondered if there'd ever be one for the 1984 team. I'll probably get it. Maybe I'll hold off so my wife can have something she can give me for my Birthday in late January.

    It seems you can read about half of the book on amazon right now as it is.
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    I was recovering from spinal meningitis. What a thrill to listen to Ernie and Paul Carey describe those first 40 games. I will never forget and I am sure it helped in my recovery.

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