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    Default Jeremy Jeffress

    The Royals designated him for assignment yesterday and I think that he could be an intriguing option. He reminds me of Al Albuquerque when DD first went out and signed him.

    Jeffress has good stuff. He throws mid to upper 90's with an 11 to 5 curve ball. He is only 22-23 years old. But his problem has been control. He control regressed this past season and he became an after thought with K.C's bevy of young arms.

    Jeffress came up as a Brewer and was traded in the Grienke trade to the Royals. He broke camp with the Royals both of his two years there but was subsequently sent down.

    He has also had two suspensions as a minor league for a drug of abuse.

    But I think that he is a good guy to take a waiver wire chance on. You can bet on the stuff and the potential and hope that he figures it out for the price of a waiver claim.

    Also Ann Arbor's Zach Putnam, who was once one of the top prep prospects to come from our state in my life time and played at the U of M, was claimed off waivers by the Cubs from Colorado.

    Guillermo Moscoso was claimed off waivers by the Royals from Colorado. He was once traded for Laird, and had a good year with Oakland two years ago but struggled in Colorado/Colorado Springs this past season but had much better spilts away from the state of Colorado.
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    Nope. Wouldn't go near him.
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    Either way, this could probably be one post in the offseason thread.

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    I stopped paying attention to him around the time of the Greinke trade so admittedly I haven't been paying attention to what he's done the past couple years but I do remember he had electric stuff and normally I would say that I would want to take a chance on somebody like that but the fact that a pitching starve team like KC DFA'd him has me second guessing that. If he still has that same stuff he used to have than I could see taking a flyer on him, otherwise I'd steer clear. BTW I agree with Nastradamus, this probably could just be in the offseason thread.

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    A player like this doesn't need his own thread. I'd take a flier on him, though.

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