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    Default Tiger fans need to chill

    This team is going to be find, its only April our hitting,and pitching will both come together. This team does not play well in cold weather come playoff time we will be playing Texas again, then hopefully Arizona or the Dodgers warm weather teams, except for Detroit. I do think Dave needs to sign a quality pitcher in July to the playoffs. Villarreal needs to calm down and throw strikes he was just pumped up tonight in New York. I knew when Phister went out with that injury it would hurt the rotation, Scherzer needs to step it up, if he does not produce this year he will be gone. Anyway we have a long ways to go they will be fine.

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    1. You've got some "needs to"s in there that I don't know will happen.
    2. Will you let us know when the appropriate time to get wound up is?
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    As much as I hate this streak... since I have no control over how the Tigers are playing I figure I might as well not get too worked up over it. Might as well sit back, drink a few, and enjoy the game.
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    I'm not saying hit the code red panic button either, but I think there is legit reason to be concerned. I think people conveniently forget that a lot of Tigers played a little over there heads last year, Peralta Aliva, maybe even Bosh. We sacrificed defense because we thought our offense could carry us most games and its not the case..... and Prince idk if its AL pitching adjustment or what but Prince could use a few more extra base hits. Rick and Max, are becoming bigger question marks, but in the end I think they will have similar numbers to last years. Another injury and we go out begging for a trade, we have no depth at all. IDK, sorry for the rant just got a bad feeling about how the tigers are built.
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    A couple of thoughts on this.

    First, its April. A 10-10 record beats the hell out of shoveling 10 inches of snow on a January day.

    Going with the April theme, it is still only April, and no pennant has ever been officially clinched in April. There is still time for Fielder to find his power stoke, still time for guys to find their 2011 form, still time for the starters not named Verlander to get healthy and performing, still time acquire a 2B and/or LF if need be.

    However, at the same time, these games do count every bit as much as the September games in the standings. Digging a bit of a hole for themselves now could lead to more effort/energy used up to make the playoffs later in the season. It'd be nice to have a cushion going into September to allow for using the bench more then and keep the main core of players fresher with an extra day off here and there. The margin for error now is just digging into the margin for error later, or overall if you will.

    I was of the mindset that the Tigers were probably on the level with the Rangers for AL supremacy. But I don't believe that anymore. I think the Rangers are the team and it would be a bit of an upset to get by them in the playoffs this season. Not solely based on the record so far this season, but the makeup of each team and the type of ball each plays.

    I just want a divisional crown, one of the better records in the game if possible, and see how the playoffs shake out. Hopefully they can win the World Series. I don't think they are the best team capable of it, but I guess we'll just wait and see.

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    Could we provide some sort of "proper name spell checker" on this forum as I am confused that people who watch the Tigers enough to become members of a fan forum can't spell Fister or Boesch?

    As for panic........quite a few games to go yet.
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    I don't know why teams fail as a group, or why they get hot as a group, but the group thing is going on for the Tigers. Yes, it could be a minor bump on the road, but we judge a team based on the number and timing of wins and losses at the end of the year. These losses count, and I would prefer not to see them. Hence the worry.

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    Is anyone really that upset? Fans have been frustrated and disappointed, and rightfully so after this last week. But no one is cancelling the season yet.
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