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    Default tigerfest early entry passes

    do you has a two i can have.. buy... barter..

    it'd be like a birthday present to meeeee.

    let me know if you can help a sister out :)

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    On my head there is a battleground. The peaceful indigenous peppers are being invaded by the cruel and aggressive salts who have sought to commit genocide on the peppers. The peppers have managed to starve off the salts to the north which has unfortunately resulted in some uninhabitable areas in the backwoods area. The salts now claim ownership to the temple and beard regions. VT

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    Does anyone know what's the deal with the early entry passes this year? Usually there's a ton floating around. I've seen 2 this year.

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    I was wondering if anyone needed tickets to this. My wife asked me to unload some on behalf of her friend who got stuck with 3 adult and 3 children tickets. PM me if your interested, she's hoping to get her money back. I think my wife said were $14 and $7 respectively including fee's she paid. I know she's hoping to sell all as a bundle, but let me know either way. Thanks!

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