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    Default Slow starts with Frank

    I was driving back home and put on 97.1 FM, and ended up having Pistons basketball fall in my lap.

    While they were talking, they mentioned something that maybe should be mentioned. In the last three seasons Frank has coached his teams have had these starts....

    This year 0-8
    Last year 4-20
    2009-10 with the Nets 0-16

    I decided to go farther back. If you look at any of his seasons, the Nets never set the world on fire to start a season. In fact, in 2008-09, the team started 2-5. In 2005-06, a year the Nets won 49 games, the team started 5-7. In 2004-05, a team that won 42 games started 3-12.

    There seems to be a reasonable trend here. Is it coincidence? Am I conveniently picking a spot to prove a point? Maybe a little, but the fact is I could pick a spot pretty much every year early on that you could say the team just didn't start well.

    Is it something he does? Is it his teams? I don't know. I just found it kind of interesting, so I thought I'd post this here.
    The link below is a link to Frank's career record.

    Lawrence Frank NBA & ABA Basketball Coaching Record |
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    A little from column A, a little from column B. I think Frank is a very, very stubborn coach, which helps to lead to these slow starts.

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