Really good story here:

Lions can't get out of their own way - Yahoo! Sports

Now, the headline is a bit misleading, but I think the guy nicely breaks down what many of us fans fell about our team.

There is one particular item I want to point out though...

To say that the Lions have become a lightning rod for NFL controversy is more than an understatement, and itís hard not to wonder if their latest brain cramps might not force change that could have long-lasting effects on both the franchise and the league.


To his credit, Schwartz didnít complain at all, instead nodding in understanding of his mistake and taking full responsibility after the game. But hereís the problem: Wasnít Schwartzís mistake a perfect and terribly expensive example of all emotions boiling over and immaturity that has constantly plagued his team the last year and a half? And if itís coming from the head coach Ö will it ever get better?
I've argued before that Suh has the reputation now of being dirty and everything thing he does is looked at through that lens. The whole groin kick would be dismissed as amazingly bad luck for Schaub had it come from nearly anyone but Suh. Cause it was Suh, questions abound about if he did it intentionally or not.

I think Schwartz how has the same reputation. He's a hot head, he's a cheater, he's immature. Just look at the fact that he threw the challenge flag when he couldn't challenge... clear proof of his immaturity, right? Yet look at a very insightful comments made by a reader:

If Jim Schwartz is considered immature for throwing the red flag on a play he couldn't challenge, then Jim Harbaugh SF (who did it last season) and Mike Smith ATL (who did it 4 days prior to Schwartz doing it) must also be immature.
I don't recall there being a big to-do about Harbaugh being immature for throwing the flag or for Smith. Of course I'm not a fan of those teams, so maybe there was and I've just missed it. But I think a lot of it is the idea that because it Schwartz and everyone knows that he's a hot head and immature... well, throwing the flag is a sign of his immaturity, right?