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    Default 2005 NFL draft positional breakdown-- WR's and TE's

    This is the third in a series of positional breakdowns of the 2005 NFL draft.

    1. Mike Williams, USC, 6'4", 230 lbs, 4.60 forty time

    Williams is a big, strong; yet athletic wide receiver who should experience immediate success at the NFL as he did as a Freshman in college. Blessed with immaculate hands, Williams will be a tough matchup for any NFL corner. He's had excellent coaching, and will be a solid NFL WR for years to come. A very strong possibility for either the Bears at #4, or the Cowboys at #11.

    2. Braylon Edwards, UM, 6'3" 210 lbs, 4.45 forty

    Edwards has great ball skills. He's very good in the vertical passing game, and has been solid, sometimes dominate, his senior year. He made a good choice to stay in school, and should reap the benefits of his improvement on his overall game. Lapses in concentration and fits of immaturity were non-existant as he matured greatly. He should be rated neck-and-neck with Williams, with the nod to Williams for a slightly higher upside.

    3. Roddy White, UAB, 6'1", 200, 4.45 forty

    There's a huge drop-off here. After the top two receivers, there are some nice, but unproven prospects. Roddy White reminds me of Tyrone Calico, who had a nice rookie year before injuries became a problem. He's got nice wheels, but is inexperienced. Hands are a question, but he's got the physical tools. Should go in the 2d round, but likely to be overdrafted due to a lack of depth in the WR pool.

    4. Troy Williamson, South Carolina, 6'2", 200, 4.4 forty

    Largely thought of as the fastest player in the draft, Williamson knows one route well, the go route. He's had a great deal of success in college, but will need to diversify his game in the NFL. He's very much a project, one who could pay off big time a year or two down the road. He's had some nicks, so he'll have to be watched closely. His ideal situation would be with a team strong at WR that will have time to develop him. He has solid size and strength.

    5. Mark Clayton, Oklahoma, 5'10", 185, 4.45 forty

    As skilled a WR in this draft, the only knock on Clayton is his size. He's a great route runner, runs well with the ball, and he plays as tough as anyone his size. He's an ideal slot guy (wink, wink) for a team in need of a third receiver, but not much more. He should be a mid second round to early third round selection.

    6. Chris Henry, West Virginia, 6'4", 200, 4.5 forty

    A talented, but raw, immature player. He's a high risk/reward type of player. He's had issues off the field that need to be addressed, and he should slide because of it. He's talented, but needs a ton of coaching. The raw skills are there, the ability is there. One of the bigger question marks in this draft.

    7. Roscoe Parrish, Miami, 5'9", 175, 4.4 forty

    Lightning quick. Very reminiscent of Az-Zahir Hakim when he came out. More refined as a receiver though. He's electric, one of the more exciting players in all of football. Great returner. Team selecting him will get great value, if he stays healthy, which is a big if with his wiry frame. Should be taken in the 3d round.

    8. Fred Gibson, Georgia, 6'5", 200, 4.5 forty

    Boom or bust, very similar to Henry. He's made many big plays, but has been inconsistent his entire career at Georgia. Will need to get stronger, and develop a mean streak. Very similar to Scotty Anderson, but faster, with a higher upside.

    9. Terrance Murphy, Texas A&M, 6'1", 198, 4.4 forty

    An underrated prospect who will probably be a late riser in the draft, he's one of my favorites. He's a solid, smart player with good speed and strength. He's more productive than flashy. Also a good (not great) kick returner.

    10. Mark Bradley, Oklahoma, 6'2" 198, 4.47 forty

    Overshadowed most of his senior year by teammate Mark Clayton, Bradley is the better downfield threat of the two. Not a lot was known about him prior this year because he was a junior transfer. He's also a late riser, and along with Murphy, should pass up a couple of other WR's by April.


    Taylor Stubblefield
    JR Russell
    Reggie Brown
    Craphonso Thorpe
    Steve Savoy


    1. Heath Miller, Virginia, 6'5, 255, 4.65 forty

    Miller is a solid, smart player. He's got extremely good hands, and is a solid, but developing blocker. He's a more complete TE prospect than Kellen Winslow. He doesn't have the ability to get downfield as well as Winslow though. Easily the top tight end this year.

    2. Alex Smith, Stanford, 6'5, 255, 4.8 forty

    Smith is more athletic than his speed would indicate. He's pretty good in the passing game, but needs to improve as a blocker. Won't get a high grade, but its a down year for TE's and he'll likely reap the rewards. Shouldn't be picked any higher than the third round, but likely will be.

    3. Alex Holmes, USC, 6'3", 270, 4.75 forty

    He's such a good blocker, if he could put 20 lbs on his frame (although he's had back problems), he'd make an outstanding pulling guard. Right now he's the best blocking TE in this draft, and is probably underrated. Might be available for the first few picks on Sunday morning, where he'll be a terrific value.


    Kevin Everett
    Garrett Cross
    Andrew Clarke
    Eric Knotts
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