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Twins still dangerous after Metrodome

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by , 10-01-2009 at 07:21 PM (1130 Views)
For the past few decades teams in the AL Central have dreaded having to venture into the Metrodome on roadtrips, but that comes with good reason. Being a Sox fan I know the horrors of that dome from watching loss after loss after loss over the last couple of seasons. I also have a somewhat fortune to live in Toledo and being able to get Tigers and Indians games. For have also seen those respective teams get short ended up there. A lot of people like to think the Twins do it all with luck, and lots of it, but in reality that is not the case at all. From Gardenhire's starting nine all the way to rookie ball the Twins teach their prospects how to use their element and play the way to win in the Metrodome. They tell them they won't make it to the MLB level without being able to bunt, sac fly, etc.

A lot of fans (like myself) are glad the Twins are moving out to beautiful outdoor Target Field. No more turf, no more baggie, no more cheap hits, no more air condition blowing different ways depending on who's batting and much more. A lot of people also think the Twins franchise is headed too 90 and 100 loss seasons for years to come. As much joy as that would bring this sports fan, I sadly have to say that is not the case.

The Twins will open 2010 with a core of Morneau, Span, Young, Cuddyer and Kubel and possibly Mauer and Crede. That is a great core to build around in my opinion. A better core than most teams can build around in both leagues. There is still work to be done this off seaon however. The Twins still have a bunch of players who are only on the team now because of their ability to play in the dome. Such players as Punto, Harris, Buscher and Tolbert. The Twins will have to get new players for the bench and regulars who can play on grass and survive. Next off the Twins will need to work on their rotation, I still find it suspect and unjudged. Bullpen wise they can probably hold with what they have.

In conclusion I wouldn't peg the Twins as bottom feeders in 2010, but don't look for them to compete either.

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