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The Black Keys!

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by , 06-06-2009 at 01:50 AM (856 Views)
As a result of an excellent suggestion for randomness by jj04, so my next time wasting post is going to be about one of the very, VERY few things to come out of Ohio worthy of paying attention to. The Black Keys!

The Black Keys are a lo-fi blues rock garage-y duo hailing from Akron, OH that ride on heavy blues laden guitar riffs and pounding drum beats. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they are absolutely fantastic live. If you EVER have the chance to see them play live, do yourself a favor and go see them. Earlier this year I was extremely pumped to heading to Detroit with three buddies to see the Keys for the third time, and this time in my favorite venue The Fillmore! However, when heading East from A2 to Detroit the following mayhem ensued...

apparently the guy next to me on the freeway didn't think keeping control of his vehicle was such a good idea and ran into me at a velocity of just under 70 mph. But I digress, less about my personal well being and more about the rock that The Black Keys bring into your living room.

A quick run down of one of the greatest bands you've probably never listened to...

1. They rock
2. They rock in a bluesy fashion
c. They need to be in your ear drums

Their first album The Big Come Up sounds like it was made when they got home from working at 7-11 and recorded it in their basement. It's raw, but it's great. Some highlights worthy of checking out from this piece are the kick off piece "Busted" as well as a fantastic cover of the Beatles' "She Said, She Said."

The second offering from TBK is Thickfreakness, and it's thickfreakin' awesome. The blues rock has been harnessed, they know who they are, and the music came out reallllllllllly nice Clark. A few highlights from this effort worthy of checking out are the eponymous "Thickfreakness," (oh man every time I hear that song I want to pick up my guitar and get lost in jamming for hours), and "No Trust." These are just two songs off an album that's well worth listening to all the way through.

Ok, now for lucky number three on the album list. My personal favorite, and an album that changed the way I listen to music, Rubber Factory! This album is so, so, SO good! This is a great starting point for someone who is looking to get into the keys. Tough to pick out just two highlights from this album, but one is very easy. My favorite song from TBK, "All Hands Against His Own," wow, such a jam! Ahh, tough choices... I'll go with "Stack Shot Billy" great song, amazing live!

Album numero four, entitled Magic Potion was a very solid follow up to what is in my opinion TBK's best album. A couple highlights from this work of art, are "Just Got To Be" and "Elevator," the first and last songs on the album. And believe me, there is plenty of juicy filling to accompany these tunes. I was so happy with this album when it came out, and I was anticipating it HIGHLY, so when it did not disappoint I was happy camper.

The most recent Black Keys album, Attack & Release took some serious getting used to for me. It was the most highly produced album by far done by TBK, it was produced by Danger Mouse, what does that even mean!?! Anyhow, with each listen, I liked it more and more and more. After seeing it performed live, I LOVED IT! Some highlights are "I Got Mine" and "Just the Same Old Thing" some great jams there!

Whew, that's The Black Keys, they are great. Really check them out, I'm goin' to grab my guitar...

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  1. jj04's Avatar
    Rubber Factory, by far, is their best album IMO. I still need to listen to The Big Come Up and Thickfreakness albums, but it's going to be hard to convince me otherwise. I don't know if there's a bad song on Rubber Factory, honestly.

    Having heard a few more albums now, I agree with you that Attack & Release is the most "produced" of their albums, though it still has an interesting feel to it. While the sound is slightly more polished, the songwriting is still strong and song structures are still good.

    Magic Potion is probably my least favorite in looking back, but that's not to say it's a bad album.