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My Tigers rant...

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It's early day two of the MLB draft, and I'm wondering if the Tigers will ever go outside their little scouting circle and select position players outside of their little box. For example, the Indians hitters all look the same when they move up the chain; they usually have nice short choppy swings, and have a great deal of power hitters available. The Twins are similar, in that their system is loaded with super athletes who hit for a high average, and play ball to their organizational philosophy. I'm not getting that from the Tigers. The Jeff Larish I see now is the exact player I saw play for Arizona State. He has not changed, his all-or-nothing approach is the same he had back then. There has been no development. He's not a full time player in my view, and forever will be blocked in Detroit since his best position is first base. Scott Sizemore is a very good player, who's also seemingly blocked by Polanco at 2nd. This can be remedied easily, since Sizemore is proving he can mash a little bit for a 2nd baseman, but voila! He's got some issues defensively, making any changes to him a little bit of a risk. Short stop is a position where the Tigers seem very happy with a .200 hitter in AA, and they aren't in the running for a strong pack of young SS's who will be able to sign from the Dominican July 2nd. They're getting beat to the punch by the Pittsburgh Freaking Pirates? C'mon. And while I'm at it, the outfield is also quite the mish-mash right now. One player who stands out a bit, but has had a great deal of question marks is Wilkin Ramirez. Another player who has had injury issues is Casper Wells, who just returned and hit a HR in his return back. Wilkin could very well be another Brent Clevlen, a guy with so much talent, but is missing that one thing that the organization must figure out how to develop. The development of the Tigers organization needs to improve, for the Tigers to be more efficient. They can't afford to live on free agency, and paying top dollar in the draft, when they are failing to develop their talent correctly.

Which brings me to pitching. They now officially have 1,000 relievers in their system. Why have a single draft where the one goal of the draft is to build the bullpen? And instead of developing the drafted talent, pushing the talent straight to the majors before that player has command? End of rant.

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