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Nothing is ever easy that means so much.

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It’s not the large things that send a man to the madhouse. Death he’s ready for ........

Smoldering deep inside my soul I fight to contain a semblence of discretion. I don't want to be that fan. You know the fan I'm talking about. The blind fan that sees nothing positive going on, only chaos around him. I don't want to be the fan that complains loudly to whoever will listen that the officiating has been ripe of dog ****. I don't want to wish Gary Bettman harm in the way of a prison raping.

But I can't help it. We've gone to far now to let this slip away. We've come too close to let Bettman and his sick man-love for Sidney Crosby steal Stanley. We've endured to much of Eddie Olczyk bitterly rampage on and on every night about the Wings and their constant interfering. And don't get me started on Pierre McGuire. I'll bust this keyboard in half.

I was asked Friday morning as I arrived at work why was I in such a bad mood - it's your last day before vacation and it's only 8 am.

I grabbed the fool by the neck and he could see in my eyes that the previous nights debacle had me on a two-hour toss and turning journey in my bed wondering how our riches had turned into a pigs head laughing at me while my body ached from the damage 16 beers will do.

That game was more then an *** kicking from the Penguins to the Wings. It was the undying death knell to my liver.

The co-worker shook off my choke hold long enough to give me a bit of advice.

"Man, it's just a new series now. Tied up. They still have to win two more games. It ain't over".

So why does it feel like it is? Is this where we resort to finding out what our resolve really is? Is this where we find our place in history - are we the haves or the has beens?

Is this where we find out what exactly INTESTINAL FORTITUDE means? Is this where we find out if Pavel Datsyuk is a hero or just another talented player in the history of the Detroit Red Wings?

And is this where we find out the fans from THOSE fans. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones who start to buy Ovie and Crosby jerseys during the off season.

Nothing comes easy for champions. Champions earn the accolades. The way I look at it ... This thing ain't over yet. We're just on the corner of Tried & Tested.

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True dat. If the Penquins lose then Bettman can't have his next Great One quite yet. But they will still hype the living hell out of him. It is a business, and what is more marketable then the next Gretzky, after all .......

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Obviously they turned it around last night by putting up a 5 spot, but after Thursday's game I was worried that maybe the Wings were running out of gas. I thought they were sloppy with the puck a few times Thursday night and just didn't have the same drive they had shown.

But if I've learned anything about this team, they've got fight in them left. Pittsburgh will be tough tomorrow night, but whatever happens I think they'll win the series in the end.

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