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Tigers Pre-Draft Top 30 Prospects...

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My rules, going by rookie qualifications, which means that Perry and Porcello are not eligible for this list. Performance/league age and previous scouting reports from various resources are some of the criteria I use.

1. Casey Crosby, LHP WMi

2. Wilkin Ramirez, OF, Toledo

3. Scott Sizemore, 2b Erie

4. Cody Satterwhite, RHP Erie

5. Alfredo Figaro, RHP Erie

6. Brett Jacobson, RHP, Lakeland

7. Alex Avila, C Erie

8. Luis Marte, RHP Erie

9. Cale Iorg, SS Erie

10. Ryan Strieby, 1b Erie

11. Casper Wells, OF Erie

12. Mauricio Robles, LHP WMi

13. Avisail Garcia, OF WMi

14. Robbie Weinhardt, RHP Lakeland

15. Scott Green, RHP Lakeland

16. Francisco Martinez, 3b GCL Tigers

17. Dusty Ryan, C Toledo

18. Casey Fien, RHP Toledo

19. Zach Simons, RHP Erie

20. Audy Ciriaco, SS Erie

21. Luke Putkonen, RHP WMi

22. Jared Gayhart, RHP WMi

23. Steven Moya, OF DSL

24. Charlie Furbush, LHP Lakeland

25. Alexis Espinoza, OF GCL Tigers

26. Fu-Te Ni, LHP Toledo

27. Billy Nowlin, 1b WMi

28. Gustavo Nunez, SS WMi

29. Brandon Hamilton, RHP WMi

30. Brennan Boesch, OF Erie

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Recommended Comments

David, I love the effort and time it takes to make lists like this, and I hate to do it, but Heredia and Conn have zero business being even near a Top 30 list.

In general, I think you've done a better job on this list than on previous lists I've seen from you, as I believe you've shown a bit more realism in this list, rather than a flavor-of-the-day mentality that seems to prevail in many of your prior lists. Excellent effort.

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Interesting, especailly as regards to the '08 class of college reliever draftees. How close do Satterwhite and Jacobson, in particular, compare with Perry? Whom from the entire list would you see as most likely to step in should the Tigers grow weary of Miner and Robertson (ebaring in mind that it would help that whomever it is be able to pitch 2+ innings at a time)?

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Thanks Mark, I appreciate all your help. I put some emphasis on performance, which is why I threw Conn in there; and Heredia intruigues me a great deal with his quicks, and his ability to get on base. It seems like he knows what he's doing out there, which is half the battle. As you can see, I've punished a few (such as Iorg and Hamilton) who should be ranked higher, but their performance leaves alot to be desired so far in early '09.

As for Douglas, I like him but he'll be 24 later in the summer; he's in Low-A, and he lacks power. That's a tough league to power up, but I'm afraid he's behind many infielders in the system.

Also, LeFlore, you answered your own question, although it won't be this year. I can see Willis getting dumped for Bonderman, and next year, I can see a younger bullpen. I don't see the Tigers resigning Rodney, and they'll need an infusion in the pen, where they have alot of help in the minors. They have too many bullpen arms on this list, which is what I hate most about the state of the organization right now.

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The problem with Heredia and Conn....

Heredia is a guy with tremendous speed and some pitch recognition ability, but has no discernable ability to drive the ball, and it is far more telling that the organization moved him off his natural position in favor of Samuel Ortiz at second, and they aren't even committing to him as the everyday center fielder....Heredia is a complete non-prospect.

Conn is a nice guy to have around, but he's a minor league reliever, and that's it. His fastball is fringe-average and he's got a plus change-up, which is a recipe for dominating A-ball....he'll struggle beyond that.

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I fixed it, there were others, such as Scram, Worth and Kaiser that I hated to leave off.

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