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Church League Softball

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It's that time of the year again. Started our softball season Tuesday night. Bullpen blew my shutout, but we won. Game 2 tonight. Thankfully I was able to stand erect yesterday, so hopefully I'll be okay for tonight. Do you play?

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What's your out pitch?

For some reason this year my ball has been curving. It kinda freaks them out when the ball is coming at them & then drops in for a strike.

I play some slow pitch' date=' but just a monthly office deal. Hutch, is that a fast pitch league?[/quote']

No, it's slow pitch. I've thought about getting involved in a city league in the fall that's fast pitch, but usually that's the busy part of the year for us at work & I need my beauty sleep.

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Gotcha. When I pitch I like to throw a screwball in on their fists. Start 'em with a high blooper, which they usually take, then come in flatter with that little scroogie - and get them to bite!

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