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Tiger Thoughts...

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Sorry for borrowing a title to a very good blog, I just have a few thoughts of my own right now. I think the Tigers are at a critical stage of the season, where they must figure out if they should be legitimate contenders, or if they are pretenders. They have some pieces available in the farm system that I think would have more value to the Tigers as players, than they would garner in a trade. Take Scott Sizemore, for example. Generally he's not regarded as a top 100 type of prospect, but he can be a solid offensive 2nd basemen with some pop and great on base skills. Teams wouldn't line up for Alex Aliva like they would for Buster Posey, but despite not being thought about so highly, he's probably a similar type; although clearly not as polished with his receiving skills. The point is that the Tigers prospects are flying way under the radar right now, including such pitcher prospects as Zach Simons, Cody Satterwhite, Luis Marte, and Casey Fien. They don't have the big names that others do in other systems that get more hype, but this can also play to the Tigers advantage. They won't have to overpay for a free agent 2nd baseman when they have a better player available to them. They don't have to go out and get an offensive catcher, when they have Avila available. I hope the Tigers stand pat, because they could be a much better club in a couple of years.

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