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Beer, Brats and Babes.... The life of Dennis.

television and rice

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by , 06-14-2009 at 11:23 PM (814 Views)
by me
@ 9:19 pm


she brings me my steak
that was ordered a while ago
she has a smile that aggravates me
places the plate on the table
in front of me

she leaves no silverware
no napkins
no spices
just a dusting of salt
that has sat
inside the shaker
for a who knows how long

there is a television in the background
with Travolta playing foil to Newton John
while I try to figure out how to cut this beef.

An old man sits behind me
cuz I can feel him squirm under the
pressure of his wife's questions
about how the rice tasted

is it flaky enough?
to salty?
the starch to thick, sticking to your plate?

I feel bad for him.
But at least he has a ****ing fork.

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