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Retro Blog - Some Political Frustrations

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by , 06-07-2009 at 12:41 PM (1131 Views)
Another old Myspace entry:

Today’s ***** Session 9/30/07
Category: News and Politics

Today's ***** session will focus on people who feel they and/or their organization has all the answers. How does one church or one political party gain a complete monopoly on all knowledge of a particular subject? How do they manage to have all the answers, thus making everyone else wrong?

To the best of my (limited) knowledge, only one person ever had all the answers - Jesus Christ.

After witnessing what I've seen in Lansing recently, with all the political/partisan bickering and positioning over the State budget, I've often been invoking Jesus' name, but not in a good way! :-(

Now the state government has been forced to shut down, despite the Legislature and Governor having 8 months to get together and develop a compromise solution.

I feel sorry for these people's spouses, friends, family, etc. If these so-called leaders can't have a reasonable, adult conversation about the important issues of our times, how could they even manage compromise at home?

Surely there are people out there that don't have such a hidden agenda, but I suppose they would not fare well as politicians. Years ago, Michigan had an excellent governor, Bill Milliken. He did not take extreme positions, as many politicians do today. Milliken recognized that a solution should involve all interested parties.

To take an extreme position that the government should either do nothing for the common good, or act as your mother and do everything for you, that is a blend of both ignorance and insanity.

Take a look around you, people. This country is undergoing many negative trends: manufacturing job loss, massive illegal immigration, poor health habits, use of fossil fuels, balooning credit, etc. This is a time for leadership and problem solving, not finger pointing.

I will make one promise to all of you. Politicians who excel in blaming others, instead of problem-solving, will not get my vote. I'll just stay home, or write in the name of one of our great leaders from the past, dead or alive.

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